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Moral stories

moral stories.

In all these moral stories, there are some such stories that I like very much. If we talk about these 10 moral stories, then all these stories give us a new lesson, but some such moral stories that touch the heart.

I request you to read all these moral stories. What know, which story transforms your life.

Here Are The Names of 10 Best Moral Stories That You Will Find In This Post

1. Man's Price
2. You Will Find Whatever You Want 
3. Three Options 
4. Right Direction
5. Fruit Of Show Off
6. True Or False
7. Machination
8. Three Questions
9. Begger's Self Esteem
10. Love And Divine

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1. Man's Price

Moral Srories : 

A boy working with his father in the iron shop, suddenly he asked his father - "Father, what is the value of man in this world?"

Father was shocked to hear such a serious question from a small child.

Then he said to his son, " Son, we can not assess the value and significance of any man."

Son - Are all equally precious and important?

Father - Yes son.

The child did not understand anything, he asked again - then why is there any poor and rich in this world? Why poor people have less respects, then the rich person is more?

Upon hearing the question, Father kept quiet for some time and then asked the child to bring an iron rod lying in the store room.

When the boy brought the rod, the father asked the child - what would it be worth?

Child - Rs 200 rupees.

Father - If I make it a little nail, what will it cost?

After a little bit of thinking the child said - then it would be expensive to sell around Rs.1000.

Father - If I make many Screw of this clock from the iron, then?

The child kept counting for a while and then immediately got excited and said, "Then its price will be very high."

Then father explained to him, "Well, the price of a man is not just what he is, but it is in what he can make himself."

The child had understood the point of his father.

Moral: We will get results as we build ourselves.

2. You Will Find Whatever You Want

Moral Srories : 

There was a monk, one day he sat at the edge of the pier and started shouting, "You will get whatever you want. "

Many people passed through there but no one would pay attention to his talk and all considered him a madman.

One day a young man passed from there and he heard the voice of that monk, "whatever you want, you will get it", "whatever you want, you will get it. "And after listening to the voice, he went to the saint.

He asked him - "Hey.. saint, you were saying that 'you will get whatever you want', can you give me whatever I want? '
The monk heard his and said - "Yes son, whatever you want, I will give it to him, you just have to obey my words. But first tell me what you want? "

That man had a dream since his childhood that he would do business of diamond, so he said, "I want to do business of diamonds."

The monksaid, "No matter, I give you a diamond and a pearl, you will be able to make as many diamonds as you want to make a pearl!"

And saying this, the monk kept his hand on the man's palm and said, "Son, I am giving you the world's most precious diamond, people call it 'time', grab it fast in your hand and never lose it. You can make diamonds as many as you want. "

The young man was just thinking that the monk held his second palm,"Son, hold it, this is the world's most precious pearl, people call it" patience ". If you do not get results even after giving time, then take on this precious pearl. Remember whoever has this pearl, he can get anything in the world. "

The young man seriously considers the things of the monk and decides that from today onwards, he will never waste his time and always be patient.

By thinking of this, he starts working here with a very big dealer of diamonds, and on one day his own hard work and honesty, he himself becomes a big dealer of diamonds.

Moral: Friends, 'time' and 'patience' are two diamonds and pearls on whose strength we can achieve bigger goals. It is therefore necessary that we do not waste our precious time and work patiently to reach our destination.

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3. Three Options

Moral Srories : 

"Long time ago, there was a poor farmer in a village." That farmer had a very beautiful daughter. But unfortunately, at the time of his need, he had borrowed a lot of money from his landlord. The landlord was old and miserable.

After looking at the beautiful daughter of the farmer, he thought, why not propose marriage to his daughter in front of a farmer in exchange for a loan.

The landowner went to the farmer and he said - you marry your daughter to me, in return I will forgive all your debts. By listening to the landlord, the sensation of the daughter of the farmer and the farmer flew away.

Then the landlord said, "Let's go to the village panchayat. Whatever they decide, we will accept it." They all went to the Panchayat (court) and told them all matter. After listening to them, the Panchayat thought a little and said-

This matter is a bit confusing, so we leave the decision on luck. The landlord will pick up a black and a white stone from a stack of white and black stone in front and put it in a bag, then the girl will pick up a stone from that bag without seeing it, and that based on her, she will have three options.

1. If she raises black stone then he will have to marry the landlord and his father's debt will be waived.

2. If she gets white stone then he will not have to marry the landlord and his father's debt will also be forgiven.

3. If the girl refuses to pick up the stone, then her father will be sent to jail.

As per the order of the Panchayat (court) the landlord bowed and he picked up two stones.

When he was raising the stones, then the farmer's daughter saw that the landlord had raised both black stones and put them in the bag.

Seeing this situation, the girl think, what she can do, she found three ways:

1. She refuses to stop and do not let his father go to jail.

2. Otherwise, tell them all that the landlords are cheating everyone by raising both black stones.

3. Or, silently raise the black stone and sacrifice own life by marrying the landlord to save my father from debt.

She thought that the second way is right, but then she got another good solution, she put his hand in the bag and took a stone in her hand and without looking at the stone, she pretended to slip with his hand; his stone had fallen into a heap of thousands of rocks and it had lost somewhere.

The girl said - O God! I'm so insignificant. But there is nothing to worry about. You see inside the bag, what color stone is left, then you will know which one I picked up which fell by my hand.

The stone in the bag was black, everybody believed that the girl had picked up a white stone. The landlord did not have  much courage to say that he about his theft in front of everyone. The girl made the impossible possible by her thinking.

Moral: Friends, in our lives, sometimes there are situations where everything seems impossible to us. But at such times if we try to think differently, then like that girl, we can overcome all our problems.

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4. Right Direction

Moral Srories : 

Like a wrestler, sturdy, tall man landed at a station carrying luggage. He told a taxi person that I have to go to the temple of Sai Baba.

The taximan said- 200 rupees. The wrestler, showing cleverness, said, 'Two hundred rupees to go so close, you taxi driver are robbing everyone.' I will pick up my own stuff and go away.

The person continued carrying luggage far enough. After a while again he showed him the same taxi, now the man asked the taxi person again - brother, now I have done more than half the distance, so how much money will you take?

The taxi person replied - 400 rupees.

That person said again - first two hundred rupees, now four hundred rupees, why such a thing?

The taximan replied: Sir, from this moment you have came far from the temple, while the temple is on the other side.

The wrestler did not say anything and quietly sat in the taxi.

Moral : Likewise, in many areas of life, we start doing that work without thought seriously, and then waste their hard work and time, leaving that work halfway. Before you take any work you should think completely, that what you are doing is part of your goal or not.

Always remember one thing that hard work is successful only if the direction is correct and if the direction is wrong then you will not be able to get any benefit of any effort.

That is why you should first decide the right direction and go ahead and your success will definitely be in your hands.

5. Fruit Of Show Off

Moral Srories : 

A young man, who is educated in management, he got a very good job, he is given a cabin separately to work on behalf of the company.

When the young man goes to the office on the first day and is sitting and admiring his magnificent cabin, then the sound of door knocking comes.

A simple person stood outside the door, but rather than telling him to come in, the young person speaks for half an hour to wait outside.

After half an hour, the man asks for permission to go inside the office again, seeing the young man coming in, the young man starts talking to the telephone.

He was talking about a lot of money on the phone, it seemed like he was a million rupees owner. The person in front was listening to all the talk, but the young person was talking to the big boast on the phone.

When his talk ends, he asks that person, what have you come here to do?

The man said to the young man with a gentle voice, "Sir, I have come here to repair the telephone, I have received the news that the telephone you were talking to has been dead for a week, so that I  have come to repair the telephone. "
As soon as listening, the young person turns red from shame and quietly goes out of the room. He has got the result of showing off his gossip.

Moral : The essence of the story is that when we are successful, then we are very proud of ourselves and it is also natural. We pride ourselves  but after  it takes the form of ego, and with pride we become arrogant. 

6. True Or False

Moral Srories : 

A sailor was working on a ship for three years. One day the sailor had taken intoxication at night. This happened for the first time. The ship's captain recorded this incident in the register like this, "The sailor was drunk tonight."

The sailor had read this thing. Sailor knew that this sentence, written in the register, would have a bad effect on his work. So he went to the Captain, apologized and told the Captain that in whatever he wrote, add it to him that it has been for the first time in three years, because this is the whole truth.

The Captain refused to accept his request and said, "That's what I have registered in the register. The same is true. "

A few days later the turn of the sailor to fill the register came. He wrote in the register- "Captain has not been drinking alcohol tonight." Captain read it and told the sailor that you either change this sentence or write something else to write the whole thing, because what has been written , It would indicate that the captain drink alcohol every night.

The sailor said to the captain that whatever he wrote in the register, that is true.

Both are right, but the message that comes from both of them is like a lie.

Friends, we get to learn two things from this story, first of all - we should never talk like this which should give wrong message despite being correct.

And once we hear anything else about our thoughts or feedback, we should think that there is no other aspect of this matter. In short, we should abstain from half truth.

7. Machination

Moral Srories : 

One day wrestling competition was organized in a village. Like every year, big wrestlers came from far and wide this year.

One of those wrestlers was also a Wrestler, which was difficult to beat in wrestling. Famous wrestlers were also afraid to go in front of him.

Before the wrestling started, the chief came and said, "Brothers, we will give 3 lakh rupees to the winner of this year. "

The amount of reward was huge, the wrestler got filled with passion and got ready for the fight. The wrestling competition started and the same wrestler was defeating them.

When all the wrestlers were defeated in wrestling, his self-confidence increased even more and he also challenged the audience present there - "There is a man who has the courage to fight with me!"

A lean man standing there was watching this wrestling, hearing the wrestler's challenge, he decided to go to the ground, and stood up in front of the wrestler.

Seeing that the wrestler started laughing at him and went to him, "You are talking to whom, do not you know.?"

Then the lean skinny man cleverly took action and went to the wrestler's ear and said,, "Hey wrestler, where will I win from you, you will lose this wrestling. I will give you all the money for the prize and will give 3 lakh rupees along.

You come to my house tomorrow and take money. What is your, everyone knows how great you are, once you lose your reputation will be a little less ... "

Wrestling begins, the wrestler pretends to fight for a while and then loses. Seeing all this, people begin to ridicule him and he has to go through gross condemnation.

The next day he goes to the house of that poor person for the money of the wrestler bet, and asks for 6 lakh rupees. Then the lean person speaks, "Brother, what's the money? "

"Hey, what you promised to give me in the field." The wrestler says, looking at the surprise.

The lean person laughed, "It was a matter of field, where you were putting your machination and I myself. But this time my machination fell on you and I won. "

Friends, this story teaches us that due to the greed of some money, earning prestige from our hard work also gets destroyed in a few moments and even money is lost.

Therefore, we should never compromise our ethical values ​​and should be protected us from any kind of corruption.

8. Three Questions

Moral Srories : 

Friends, well-known Russian literary, "Tolstoy", writes in his story "three questions" that someone raise three questions frequently in the king's mind. He was extremely impatient to get answers.

So he consulted his Minister of State and convened a meeting of his members. The King held that meeting in front of all three questions; They were -

1. What is the most important task?

2. Who is the most important person for consultation?

3. What is the important time of doing any specific task?

No one was able to answer a satisfactory answer to king's questions, but in that meeting, the king came to know of a monk who lived in a cottage in a forest and was able to solve everyone's curiosity.

The king also took some of his soldiers and detectives along with the people in the guise of ordinary people to see the monk. There was only one hope in heart that now he will get answers to his questions.

When all of them came near the cottage of the Hermit, the king ordered all his soldiers and escorts to stay away from the cottage and himself alone started moving forward.

The king saw that the monks were working with spades in the fields near their cottage. In a few moments, his eyesight was on the king.

When the spade was running, he asked the king for the reason of his arrival, and the king also gave the same request to the monk himself with all three questions.

The king started waiting for the answers to his questions but what is this? Instead of answering the monk, the sage instructed the king to take his spade work in the field. After all, the king also wanted to answer his questions.

It was evening and the king was still working in the farm. In such a situation, a wounded person who was soaked with blood and whose blood was blowing from the stomach, came to seek the refuge of that ascetic.

Now the monk and king put together the ointment on his injured place.

The wounded fell asleep after some relief from the pain. In the morning when the wounded visitor began apologizing to the king, the king was surprised.

The strangers, looking at the situation of the King, immediately gave an introduction to him saying, "By tomorrow, I considered myself as a fierce enemy because you punished my brother for hanging.

Looking for opportunity to revenge, Yesterday I came to know that you have come to this monk in simple dress.

For the purpose of killing you, I came here and was sitting behind a bush, but your intelligence recognized me and hurt me with deadly weapons, but you saved my life even after being your enemy.

As a result, the hatred of my mind has ended. Now I have become a servant of your feet. Whether you punish or forgive me, it is your wish. "

The King was stunned after hearing the wounded and the mind began to thank the Lord for this unexpected Godly help. The monk smiled and said to the king - "Rajan, do not you still get the answers to your questions?"

The king was appearing in some dilemma. Therefore, the ascetic only proceeded - 'Your answer to the first question is - the most important thing is that which is in front of us; Just like you helped me in the field. If you do not show sympathy to me then your life will not be protected.

Your second question was who is important for consulting. The answer to which you have got yourself is that the person who is present with us should consult with him.

Just as the injured person needed help, whose life saved you. In this way your enemy also became your friend.

The answer to the third question is that the important time to do any specific task is "now".

Friends, this story of great Russian litterateur Tolstoy warns us that the importance of the present should never be forgotten.

We will not be able to do anything in the present in the future worry. Manner of presenting the work or utilization of time is not only the foundation of bright future prospects, but it is also the principle of all-round progress.

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9. Begger's Self Esteem

Moral Srories : 

A beggar was sitting on a station with a bowl filled with pencils. A young businessman passed by and he put 50 rupees in the bowl, but he did not take a pencil.

After that he sat in the train. The door of the compartment was about to close, that the officer came down from the train and returned to the beggar and picked up a pencil and said, "I'll take some pencils.

The cost of these pencils is, finally, you are a businessman and I am also. "Then the young man got up and ran fast in the train.

A few years later, the businessman went to a party The beggar was also present there. The beggar saw that businessman, after seeing him, went to him and said, "You are probably not recognizing me, but I recognize you."

After that he mentioned the incident that happened to him. The businessman said, "But to remind you, I am remembering that you were begging. But what are you doing here in the suit and tie? "

The beggar replied, "You probably do not know what you did for me that day. Instead of being kind to me, I came to treat you with respect.

You raised a pencil with a bowl and said, 'They are worth, after all you are a businessman and I am also.'

After you go, I thought so much, what am I doing here? Why am i beg I decided to do some good work to decorate my life. I picked up my bag and started selling pencils and roaming around.

Then gradually my business grew, I started selling copy books and other things and today I am the biggest wholesaler of these things in the entire city.

Thank you very much for returning my honor to me because that event has changed my life today. "

Friends, what do you think about yourself? Do you understand yourself properly? All these things which we call indirectly are self-respect.

What other people think about us, does not mean that much, or if you do not mean anything, but what do you express your opinion about, what do you think, this thing is very important.

But one thing is certain that whatever we think about ourselves, let us know about it, unknowingly, to others, and there is no doubt that due to this reason other people also treat us in the same way. .

Remember that due to self-esteem, inspiration arises in us or we are self-motivated. It is therefore necessary that we create a superior opinion about ourselves and live a life full of self respect.

10. Love And Divine

Moral Srories : 

Saints' teachings are also unique. Many saints question the person coming to him and awakens his curiosity and rightly guides them.

Acharya Ramanujacharya was the teacher of a great saint and sect of religion. People from far away to come for his philosophy and guidance. He preach with ease and simplicity.

One day a young man came to him and bowed him and said:

"I have to be your disciple. Make me your disciple. "

Ramanujacharya(saint) said: "Why do you want to be my disciple?" The young man said: "The purpose of my life is to love God by becoming your discipline."

Saint Ramanujacharya then said: "It means that you have to love God. But tell me one thing, do you love someone of your house? "

The young man said: "No, I do not love anyone." Then Saint asked: "Do you have affection for your parents or siblings?"

The youth denied, saying, "I do not even have any affection for anyone. The whole world is selfish, it is all false illusion and this is why i have come to your shelter to become your disciples.

Then Saint Ramanuja said: "Son, mine and you have no match. I can not give you what you want. "

The young man was stunned to hear this.

He said: "He said: "I do not love anyone because I believe that this world is false." I have strayed around for the divine. Everyone would say that if you want to attach love to God, go to Saint Ramanuju; But you are refusing. "

Saint Ramanuja said: "If you had love for your family and you had had affection for any of the people near you, then I could have given it a huge form.

If there was some love too, then I could have made him enormous and could have reached the feet of God.

From a small seed, a huge tree is formed. But the seed should be there. How can love be in the heart of a person who is as harsh and dry as stone? If there is no seed, then where can we make the tree? If you have not loved anyone, how can you love God in your heart? "

The essence of the story is that one who does not have affection for his near-brothers, can not have love for God. We can not turn away from the people and duties around us.

If we want spiritual welfare, we must follow our religious duties as well.

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