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The first time I read these short stories, I learned a lot. Because these short stories are very different from each other and we get to learn something different from each story. So today I have shared these 20 short stories with you, from which you will definitely learn something.

Here are the names of 20 Short stories that you will get in this post.

1. The Biggest Poor.
2. The Value Of Honesty And Truth.
3. Bad Result Of Bad Karma.
4. The Unique Idea.
5. The Fruit of Wickedness.
6. Knowledge's Utilization.
7. Small Evil Opens Up The Path For Big Evil.
8. Test of service.
9. Do Not Torture The living Beings.
10. Obey The Elders.
11. The True Religion.
12. Fruit of Satisfaction.
13. Greedy Bird.
14. Power Of Faith.
15. Be Humble Not Harsh.
16. The Choice Of The Right King.
17. Thirst For Knowledge.
18. Good Man.
19. Intellect Is Greater Than Power.
20. Never Leave Truth.

Read The 20 Amazing Short Stories

1. The Biggest Poor


Short Stories 

A Saint was passing through the city while touring. He got a coin in the way. The saint was a satisfying person. He thought what would I do with this one coin? So he thought of giving this coin to a poor person.

He kept searching for many days, but he could not find any poor person.

One day he saw that a king is going to attack another state along with his army. Sage threw this coin in front of King.

The king also got angered and surprised. Because, the rupee was thrown by a Saint, so he asked the saint the reason for doing so.

The saint patiently said, 'Hey King, I got a coin in way, and I decided to give it to a poor person.

Because, in my eyes, there is no one big beggar than you, who despite being the owner of such a big empire, is going to another state, only to rob that state wealth and to kill innocent people. Even after having such wealth, your appetite has not been calm. So who can be a bigger poor than you?

By listening to the monk, the king's anger became calm and he repented in his mistake. King apologized to the saint and returned to his country.

Moral : We should always stay calm. The person who is satisfying is happy in whatever he has. He does not get hungry for more.

2. The Value of Honesty and Truth

Short Stories 

A scholar named Bukhari lived in Saudi Arabia. He was known for his honesty. Once he got out on a long journey from the sea-ship.

He kept a thousand dinars for the trip. During the visit, Bukhari met with a person. Bukhari started telling him the things of wisdom.

His closeness with that passenger increased a bit more. One day, Bukhari showed him a bag of dinar. Seeing the dinar bag, that passenger became greedy.

He planned to grab his bag. One morning he started shouting loudly, 'Haaaay I died. My one thousand dinars were stolen. ' He started crying.

The ship's staff said, 'Why do you panic?' whoever has stolen will definitely be present in this ship. You do not need to panic, we will check every one.. He will be caught. 

The search of the passengers started. When the turn of Bukhari came, the ship's staff refused to search him. They said to Bukhari, "It is a crime to doubt you."

Bukhari said, 'No, whose dhinar is stolen, there will be doubt in his heart. So I should also be searched. 'Bukhari was searched. They did not get anything from him.

After two days, the same traveler asked Bukhari with a sad heart, 'You had a thousand dinars, where did they go?' Bukhari smiled and said, 'I threw them into the sea. Why do you want to know?

Because I have earned only two riches in life - a sincerity and the belief of the other people. If that dinar was recovered from me and if I would tell people that this dinar is mine, then people would believe me easily. But still a doubt will remain in their mind.

I can lose wealth, but do not want to lose honesty and truth. ' The man cried and apologized to him after hearing  Bukhari.

Moral: The greatest thing in life is self esteem and the belief of someone.

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3. Bad Result Of Bad Karma

Short Stories 

A farmer and his wife lived in a village. Farmer was old but his wife was a young.

Due to not being satisfied with her husband, the farmer's wife always used to stay in the male reconnaion, because of this she did not stay in the house for a moment.

One day a thug got seen her coming out of the house. He followed her, and when he saw that when she reached solitary he went to her and said, "Look, my wife has died. I am fascinated on you. come with me."

She said, "If that's the case, my husband has a lot of money, because of old age, he can not move. I bring all his money, so that our future may be pleasant. "

"Okay go. Come to this place tomorrow morning at this same time. "So that day the farmer's wife returned to her house.

At night, when her husband slept, she consolidated her husband's money and took all the money and went to that place in the morning. Both of them run from there.

Both of them had gone far away from their village so that there was a deep river on the way.

At that time, the thug got to wonder about what I would do by taking this woman along with me. If someone came behind me to searching to this woman then it would be a big crisis for me.
Somehow I have to get rid of her by taking money from this lady.

Thinking of it, He said, "The river is very deep. First, I will keep the bundle on that side, then I will bring you on my back and carry you across the river. It's hard to take both of them together. 

"Well, do that. " - That women said.

The farmer's lady grabbed her bundle and give it to the thug, then thug said, "Give your ornaments and clothes, there will be no difficulty in walking in the river." And the clothes will not be too wet. "She did the same.

The thug went across the river, then he did not come back again.

The woman was repenting over her misdeeds. Therefore, it is said that for the sake of their own interests, the path of wrong actions should not be adopted.


4. The Unique Idea


Short Stories 

There is a very old story. Someone had stole in a rich trader house. Despite much searching, the baggage was not found and neither the thief was detected. Then the rich trader approached the city's sorcerer and told about the theft.

After listening to everything, sorcerer invited all the servants and friends of the businessman.

When all came in front, sorcerer gave each one a stick. All the rods were equal. Neither small nor large.

After giving a stick to everyone, sorcerer said, "Take these sticks to your own house and take it back in the morning tomorrow.

The specialty of all these sticks is that it automatically goes to the thief and increases itself as a finger, and if the thief is not there, then its stick remains the same.

After listening to the talk of sorcerer, everyone took their own stick and moved to their own house. There was also a thief who had stolen in the merchant's shop.

When he reached his house, he thought, "If tomorrow my stick gets bigger in front of sorcerer, then he will catch me immediately, then do not know what kind of punishment he should face in front of everyone, so why not give this bizarre stick one finger Let's be cut, so that sorcerer does not know anything. '

The thief was very happy to think and then he immediately cut the stick equal to one finger. Then, after scattering the stick, someone did not know that the stick was cut.

The thief was very happy on his trickery and fell asleep with a happy shade. In the morning thief got his stick and reached sorcerer place . There were already lots of people gathering .

Sorcerer began to see one by one stick. When sorcerer saw a thief's stick, he found it 1 finger small.

He immediately caught the thief and then he recovered all the money from that trader, near the thief. The thief was thrown in jail.

All were praising this unique technique of sorcerer.


5. The Fruit of Wickedness

Short Stories 

A pigeon had a nest in the kitchen in the house of a wealthy merchant of Kanchanpur. Someday there is a greedy crow who came out of there.

After looking at a fish he was crazy to eat. Then came the thought in his mind that I should enter this kitchen, but he was disturbed by thinking about how to do this. Then he looked at the pigeon nest.

He thought that if I made a friendship with a dove then maybe it would be my point. When the pigeon goes out to pick up the pimple, the crow moves along with him.

After a while the pigeon looked back and saw that the crow was behind him, the pigeon said to the crow, why are you behind me? The crow said to the pigeon 'I like you and I want to friendship with you.

On this, the pigeon said that how can we become friends? Our food and yours are different too, I eat seeds and you are insects. 

The crows were flattering on this, "What is the big thing is that I do not have a house, so we can live together, is not it. And you will come along with me to find food."

On seeing this, the owner of the house saw that there was a crow with a dove, so he thought that he would be a friend of the pigeon, so he did not think much about that.

The next day the pigeon tells you to walk together to find food, then the crows made an excuse for stomachache and refused.

The pigeon was left alone because the crow had heard the owner of the house saying that to the servant that some guests are coming today, so you have to make fish.

The crow was waiting for the servant to come out of the kitchen, as soon as he went, the crow got swept on the plate and picked it up and took it easy to eat.

When the servant came back, he saw that crow eating fish, with anger he grabbed the crow and twisted his neck.

When the pigeon returned in the evening, he saw the condition of the crows and he understood the whole situation.

Therefore, it is said that the evil nature of the creature gets its punishment.

6. Knowledge's Utilization

Short Stories 

A man was a businessman of birds and animals. One day, he found out that his Master had an understanding of the words of the animal birds.

After listening to this, he came to mind that how good it would be if he got his knowledge, it would be beneficial for him too. He reached his master and served him a lot and urged him to teach this knowledge.

The Master taught him the education of that science but also warned him not to use it for his greed, otherwise he would have to suffer the loss of it. The person agreed on his point of view.

When he came home, he heard a couple of his pigeons saying that the owner's horse is going to die after two days, on this he sold the horse the next day for a good price. Now he began to believe that animal birds know each other well.

The next day he heard his dog saying that the boss's chicken will die soon. So he went to the market and sold all the chickens at good prices.

After several days he heard that most of the chickens in the city died due to any epidemic. He was very happy that he had no loss.

The extent has come when he heard one day telling his cat that our boss is now going to die in a few days. So he did not believe in his first but later he heard his ass repeating the same thing.

He got nervous and went to his master and told him to " tell me if there is any work to do in my last moments, because my death is near".

On this, the master rebuked him and said that foolish I had already told you that do not use this method for your own interest because the accomplishment have neither been nor have anybody else.

So I told you not to use it for your benefit and do not use it for someone's loss.

7. Small Evil Opens Up The Path For Big Evil

Short Stories 

Nusherwan was a big justice king of Iran. Even in small things, his justice was equal. The most attention he kept on his conduct.

Once the king went to the jungle. There were also some servants with him. He wandered out of the city a long way. Meanwhile the king was hungry.

The Emperor told the servants that arrangements should be made to make food here. The food was prepared right there.

When the king sat down to eat, he found less salt in the vegetable. He told his servants to go and bring salt from the village.

There was a village on two steps. When a servant went to go, the emperor said, 'See as much salt as you can, give them the same amount of money.'

When the servant heard this, he looked towards the king. Say, 'Who will take money for salt, why do you worry about it?'

The King said, 'No, you give him money.' The servant said with great respect, 'Hujoor ( Emperor ) who will give you salt, he will not make any difference, he will be happy that he is making an invaluable contribution in the service of his emperor.'

Then the king said, 'Do not forget that only small things make big things. Small evil opens up the path for big evil.

If I break a fruit from any tree. So my soldiers will not leave any fruit on that tree.

It is possible to cut the tree for fuel. Well there is no cost of a fruit, but how a big injustice can be done by the king's little talk.

Whoever sits on the throne of the government, he has to be alert in every situation. '

8. Test of service

Short Stories 

Swamiji's discourse ended, he highlighted the importance of service - religion, in detail. Lastly, he also requested that those who are willing to follow this path can be helpful in my work.

At the time of the gathering, two people went ahead and wrote their names. Swamiji ordered them to come to the other day at the same time.The meeting is over. People got scattered around here.

On the second day a woman stood on the side of the road, there was a huge heap of grass near.

The woman was waiting for wayfarer to come and give her a burden. A man came, the woman persuaded him - but he looked at the neglected sight and said, "I do not have the time right now.

I am going to accomplish very important work. " At a distance, a bullock cart was stuck in the swamp. The carriage was roasting bulls, but bulls were not able to move forward one step further.

If someone pushed back the carriage of a wheel from behind, then the bull could pull it out of the bog. The cart driver said, "Brother! Today I am stuck in trouble. Help me a little. '

Wayfarer said - I am going to Swami Ji to do a lot of service. Again without going into this mud, it is not possible to push, therefore, who will spoil their clothes. By saying so, he went ahead.

And when he got ahead, he got a visually impaired women. Who was sounding on the road with his wooden stick and saying with a pitiable voice, "Is there anybody? Which would lead me to that hut on the left side of the road.

God will bless you. It will be a great favor. "The person said," I am sorry! " Why do you spoil my senses? You probably do not know I'm going to be a big man. I have to reach soon. '

In this way, he drove all of them and reached Swamiji. Swamiji was about to sit for worship, but he stayed back on his arrival.

Swamiji asked - Are you the same person who had taken a fast for social service on my request in the meeting yesterday and expressed the desire to become great?

Yes! It's great, you came on time. Sit down a bit, I am also waiting for another person, another name has been written with you.

The person who does not know the value of time, what can he do in his life? That person laughed and said, laughing. Swamiji had understood his satire, yet he wanted to wait a little longer.

In the same time the second person came too. His clothes were soaked in mud. The breath was blooming.

As soon as he came, he said to Swami Ji - "Please forgive me! I was late in coming, I was out of the house from time, but in the way of taking a baggage of burden on the way, it took some time for a carriage to drive out of the mud and reaching a blind women to her hut, and therefore I could not attend your service at the scheduled time. "

Swamiji said to the first visitor to the majesty - Both of them had the same path, but you have come here to ignore their opportunities for service. Do you make your own decision, will you be able to support me in service activities?

What would the person who lost the opportunity of service to answer?

9. Do Not Torture The living Beings

Short Stories 

A sage was absorbed in austerity. There are some thieves passing through that direction. They ran away with the treasury.

The money of the looted treasury was with them too. The king's soldiers were chasing all those thieves.

The thief kept the looted wealth in Rishi's  ( Sage ) house and fled from there. When the soldiers reached there, they went inside the cottage looking for thieves.

The thief was not found but all the stolen money was found there. The soldiers thought that the person who is sitting outside is definitely the thief. Creating a traitor to save himself, he is pretending to be a penance.

They caught the sage and presented him before the king. King did not even consider any idea and neither did he question the accused arrested and he sentenced to hang on the cross.

Rishi ( Sage ) started thinking that why did this happen? For which sin they have been suffering these penalties. He saw his life but found nothing.

Then he looked at the last life, Seeing the whole hundred births, but somewhere he did not see anything that resulted in him being punished. Now he takes refuge in God. The order came, 'Look at your 101 births.

The sage saw "a child of 8- 10 years old." He has kept a pest in one hand and a thorn in the other hand. When the child pierces the insect with that thorn, the insect gets agitated and the child is happy.

The insect is suffering and the child is being entertained. "The sage realized that, what work he was being punished for."

But he is a friar. Was his penance not able to destroy his sin? The sage was thinking, that same time some people who knew the sage, they reached the king and introduced their sage to their innocence. The king apologized to the sage and freed the sage.

What happened in such a long time? How fair is God's justice, how precise it is. It was understood only by the sage. In his mind he apologized to that insect and again got absorbed in his penance.

10. Obey The Elders

Short Stories 

There was a very thick forest, it had mountains and cold streams of water flowed.

Many animals lived in the forest. In the mountain cave, there lived a lion-lioness and two small children.

The lions and the lioness loved their children a lot. When the children of the lion came out in the forest with their parents, they liked it very much.

But the lions-lionesses took little of their children with them. They leave the children in the cave and go in search of their food in the forest.

The little child said- 'Father has said that do not get out of the cave alone. To go to the waterfall is strongly forbidden. You wait papa or mother to come .

We will go with them and drink water.' The older child said - 'I'm thirsty. All the animals are afraid of us. Then what is the point of fear? '

The little child was not ready to go alone. He said - 'I will listen to my parents. I'm scared to go alone. 'The elder brother said. 'You are timid, do not go, I go.'

The big kid came out of the cave and went to the waterfall. She drank water all over her stomach and then began to roam around the deer.

There were some hunters in the forest that day. When the hunters saw the lion's child wandering alone, it was thought that by catching it and selling it in a bird house, good money would be found.

The predators surrounded the lion's child and fell down on it. Those people put blankets and grabbed that child.

What does a helpless lion child do? He was not as big as a dog yet. They wrapped them in a blanket and tied them to the ropes. He could neither scramble nor be able to fight.

Hunters sold this child to a bird house. There he was locked in an Iron Bunker.

He started to remember his parents. He used to go crazy and iron rods repeatedly, but with his dancing could not break the rod.

Whenever the child of the lion saw a young child, He roars and screams.
If someone could understand his language, he would surely tell him - 'You must obey your parents and elders.

If you do not listen to elders, you can repent later. I did not listen to the elders, because of this I have been imprisoned here.'

11. The True Religion

Short Stories : 

A monk was traveling with his disciples in Kumbh fair . At one place, They see a monk chanting a garland.

But monk turned around and started to see how much people have donated. Monk laughed and moved forward.

Further, a scholar was saying Bhagwat Katha (Reciting the teachings of God), but his face was mechanical. 

Words were not found in any compatibility with his expressions, and there was a crowd of disciples sitting around. Seeing them, the sage laugh loudly.

On going a little bit forward, Monk found a man to take care of a patient. He was wasting his wounds and was strapping it.

He was also giving consolation to this patient with his sweet voice. The monk looked at him for some time, and his eyes were glisten.

While returning to the Hermitage, the disciples asked him the reason for laughing at the first two places and the reason for crying in the third place.

Sage said, for the realization of God, there was a false pretense on the first two places. But in the third place, he was seen to be the only one who was taking care of the patient.

Seeing his service spirit, my heart began to imotional. And my mind started thinking that when the people will understand the true nature of religion.

12. Fruit of Satisfaction

Short Stories

Once there was a famine in one country. People began to die of hunger. There was a rich man in the city. He announced the feeding of a single bread every day to all small children.

On the second day all the children gathered in the garden. They started sharing loaves.

The loaves were small and large. All the children were pushing each other and trying to get big bread. Only a little girl stood quietly on one side.

She went ahead in the end. The smallest remaining bread was left in the crate. She took it with pleasure and she went home.

On the second day the loaves were distributed. The girl got the smallest bread even today.

When the girl returned home after breaking the bread, she got a stamp of gold from the loaves.

Her mother said that 'give the stamp to the rich.' The girl ran to the house of a rich man.

The rich looked at him and asked- 'Why have you come?'

The girl said, 'This is the stamp in my bread. Will fall into the dough. I have come to give, Take your seal. '

The rich person was very happy. He made her his cleric and fixed the monthly salary for her mother. The girl became the heiress of that wealthy when she grew up.

13. Greedy Bird

Short Stories

A large group of birds lived in a forest. All the birds went out in search of food every morning.

The king of the birds had told his birds that whosoever would see the food, would come and tell the rest of his companions, and then all the birds would eat together the grain.

In this way all the birds of that party would have got plenty of food.

One day, a bird flew away from the forest and came to the way out of the forest. From this route, grain sacks were transported from trains.

On the way, a lot of grains fell down on the road and were scattered on the road. The bird was very happy to see the grain sack in the trains, because now there was no need to find any other place.

Trains filled with cereals went through that route and grain grains split on the road everyday. Greed came into the mind of the bird.

He thought that he would not tell anyone about that place and would come to this place everyday and would eat it full.

That evening when the birds returned to their party, then the other colleagues asked him the reason for the delay.

The bird also told a unique false story that he has somehow saved life. So many trains pass through that path is difficult to cross.

The rest of the party scared to hear it and all decided that they would not go near the road.

In this way, the bird went on the same road every day and continued to eat. One day the bird was eating food sitting on the road like every day.

He was so immersed in eating food that he could not hear the sound of a car coming towards him. The car was also moving fast forward.

The bird was busy eating food and the car got closer and the wheel of the car crushed the bird and went ahead. This way, the greedy bird is trapped in its own trap.

14. Power Of Faith

Short Stories

There was unshakable confidence in the spiritual power of a pastor in England. Anyone who came once in his house could not live without being influenced by the effect of his hospitality.

He had immense love for people in his mind, so people  respect him very much. One day the thief who was running from jail was roaming around here to take refuge in the night.

He saw that the door of the priest's house was open so he went away and entered the house of the pastor.

The cleric greeted him on seeing him and said to him, "Welcome to my house, my brother, but you tell me who you are and what have you come here to do.

On this, the thief lied and said, "Father, I am a passenger and I have gone astray, and wandering around here and seeing the door of your house open, so I came to this side. Can I have a place to conceal the head? I will go from morning to morning. "

The priest said to him, "Yes, why can not you live as comfortable and I think you are very tired, so go and wash your hands comfortably and I manage to sleep and eat." The thief, Expressing gratitude of favor, he walked towards the bathroom.

And so in that pastor also arranged for him to eat and sleep. The priest honored him very well and arranged for him to sleep by having a good meal.

After all the sleeping at night, the desire to steal in the mind of the thief awakened. And he stole two candles of gold from the clergy house and fled from the caste.

At night the police was in search of him and he was caught by the police. In the inquiry, he told that he had stolen this lamp from the clergy house.

When he was brought in front of the priest, the cleric told the police, "Please, please leave him. He had come as a guest in my house and I have given this lamp as a gift to him. "

In this, the eyes of the thief were opened and he realized his mistake. Seeing the generosity of the priest, the thief felt repented in his mind and he apologized and promised to never steal again.

15. Be Humble Not Harsh

Short Stories

There was a Chinese saint and he was very old. He saw that the time of his has come, he called all his devotees and disciples to him. He said to all, look a little inside my mouth? How many teeth have I left

Every disciple looked inside the mouth and everyone said that the tooth has been exhausted for many years.

Then the saint said, the tongue is present. Then everyone said 'yes', ? The saint said, 'How did this happen?'

Tongue was also present at birth too. The tooth came very much later. The one who came later should have gone later. How did these teeth first go?

Then the saint stopped a little and then said that I have called you here to explain this. Look, 'Tongue is present so, so that there is no hardness in it.

These teeth came later, but they were finished earlier. So that there was a lot of hardness in them. This rigidity caused them to end. So if my children want to live long, be humble, not harsh.

16. The Choice Of The Right King

Short Stories

King Lion of Chandan Forest became very old. That's why he also stopped coming out for hunting. He could no longer rule over forest, and this has caused much unrest in the forest.

The lion called all the animals one day and said that you go and choose one of the animals for the king who can see the arrangement of the forest so that all will be like before.

And because I'm old enough now, I can not rule any more.

On this, all the animals gathered and thought to agree on this. They began to consider each other and the problem was that all the animals were considered worthy of themselves as kings.

Then everyone had their own differences on this, even after a lot of time, when the consent was not made, Chandu rabbit had a suggestion Given that all the animals will be given work according to their capacity and ten days later there will be a meeting on this and the work done by animals will be reviewed which will have done the most work. He will be worthy of being king of the jungle.

Ten days passed very easily. All the animals have assembled and everyone has done their own work except the fatty elephant.

And they all came back in confusion. In such a scenario, A king of Bird advised to vote, and all agreed to it. When voting is done, the majority of votes in favor of it is Fatty Elephant.

Everyone was amazed, then a bird came and removed everyone's confusion.

The bird said that the fatty elephant did not put stone in the pit because the eggs were laid on a small tree in a grid and Fatty Elephant did not care about becoming a king, more thought about the lives of my children, therefore king of B l birds suggested voting.

Because he who thinks more about others than thinking about himself, he is worthy to be king.

17. Thirst For Knowledge

Short Stories

In those days Mahadev Govind Ranade was the judge of the High Court. He had a great interest in learning languages. Because of his passion, he had learned many languages;

But the Bengali language was not yet learned. He went to the barbershop to get a shave from a Bengali barber. As long as the barber shave him, he learns Bengali language from him.

Ranade's wife felt this bad. She said to his husband, "You learn the language with a barber by being the judge of High Court.

If anyone will see what will be respected! If you want to learn Bengali, then you learn from a scholar.

Ranade laughed, "I am thirsty for knowledge. What do I have to do with casteism? ''

The wife did not say anything after this reply.

Knowledge is not locked in a high and low caste.

18. Good Man

Short Stories

A rich man built a temple, he kept a priest to worship. For the expense of the temple, he donated lots of farm and garden for the temples.

He had arranged such that those hungry, miserable or saints would come there, and they can get food from the temple. 

Now he needed a person who would manage the property of the temple and keep all the works of the temple properly.

Many people came to that rich man. Those people knew that if they got the work of the temple, then the wages would be good.

But that rich man returned to everyone. He says most, I want a good man, I will choose him myself. '

Many people gave abuses to that rich person. Many people called him fool or mad. But that wealthy man did not pay attention to anybody's matter.

When the temple doors open and people used to come to see Lord, then the rich man secretly used to see the people coming to the temple from the roof of his house.

One day a person came to visit the temple. Her clothes were torn. He did not even know enough to read.

When he began to visit Lord, then the rich man summoned him and said, 'Will you accept the work of arranging this temple?'

The person got into a big surprise. He said - 'I have not written enough reading. How can I manage such a large temple? '
The rich man said - 'I do not want many scholars. I want to make a good man a manager of the temple. '

I know that you are a good man. On the way to the temple a piece of brick was stuck, and one corner of it went up.

I  see this for a long time that people got stumbled by the tip of a piece of brick. People fall, rolled, and walked away. You did not stumble over that piece; But when you see it, you try to uproot it.

I was looking at that you took a shovel from my laborer and by digging that piece you even made the land there equal.

The person said, 'This is not a big deal. Removing the thorns, pebbles and stumbling stones lying on the way, it is the duty of every human being to remove the bricks.

'The man said,' Those people who know and obey their duty are only good men. ' I want you to be a manager of the Temple. "The man became the manager of the temple and he made a beautiful temple structure.

19. Intellect Is Greater Than Power

Short Stories : 

There was a big powerful lion in a cave. He killed many animals in the forest every day. All the animals of that forest were to be afraid of his fear. Once all the animals gather.

Once all of them thought that they would go to the King and request him. Some of the chosen representatives of animals went to the lion. All the animals bowed to him.

Then a delegate added a hand and requested, 'You are the king of this forest.

You kill many animals every day for your food, while your stomach is filled by eating an animal. '

The lion asked, 'What can I do?'

All animals requested, 'Chef, you do not have to worry about food. We will send one animal each day to your food. Your food will reach every day by your service. '

The lion thought for a while and said- 'If you want this, then okay. But keep in mind that there should be no Looseness in this rule. '

After this, a cattle lion is sent to the service every day. One day the turn of a rabbit came. That day a rabbit came to the lion. Rabbit was wise.

He thought to himself the mind - "Now life is the end. Then why should I make a way to please the lion? By thinking of this, he began to rest on the side of a pit. That is why he was too late to reach the lion. '

When the rabbit approached the lion he was upset due to hunger. Seeing the rabbit, the lion roars loudly and said, 'One, you are such a little rabbit and then it has come so late. Tell me why you came so late in coming?

Trembling with fear of rabbit said, 'Maharaj, I have no fault. We had two rabbits come for your service. But a lion stopped us on the way. He caught me. '

I told him- 'If you killed me, then our king will be angry with you and take your life.' He asked, 'Who is your king?' Then I have given your name in reply.

Upon hearing this, the lion was full of anger. He said, 'you lie.' The rabbit said, 'No, I tell the truth. You keep my companion hostage and I will bring my king to you. '

Listening to the rabbit, the anger of the miserable lion increased further. He roared and said, 'Come on, show me where the wicked lives?'

The rabbit approached the pit with lion. The rabbit looked around and said, Maharaj, it seems that seeing that you, the lion got into his fort.

The lion asked, 'Where is his fort?' The rabbit showed the pit and said, ' Sir, this is the fort of that lion.'

The rabbit stood on the side of the pit itself. Lion also climbed on the side. The shadow of both of them started appearing in the water of the pit.

Rabbit said to the lion, 'Sir, look, He is my partner rabbit. Your enemy stands beside him. '

The lion looked at both of them. He made a tremendous roar. His echoes came out of the pit. Just, what was the matter! Seeing this, lion jumped into the pit to catch his enemy and drowned there and died.

20. Never Leave Truth

Short Stories

Swami Vivekananda was a brilliant student from the beginning and all people were influenced by his personality and speech.

When he told some of his fellow students, they mesmerized and listen to him.

One day he was telling a story to some friends in the classroom, all were so amazed to hear all his talk that he did not know when teacher came to class and started teaching.

Masterji ( Teacher)  had just started reading that he heard some whispering. Who's talking? Masterji asked in a loud voice.

All students pointed towards Swamiji and students sitting with them. Masterji was angry

He immediately called those students and started asking questions related to the text.

When no one could answer. At the end, teacher had asked the same question to Swami Ji, as Swamiji knew everything beforehand, he easily answered that question.

Seeing this, teacher was convinced that Swamiji was paying attention to the lesson and the rest of the students were engaged in talk. Then what was left.

Teacher punished everyone except Swami ji standing on the bench. All the students started to stand on the bench one by one, even Swami ji did the same.

Teacher said - Narendra( swami ji), you sit down! No sir, I have to stand also because I was the one who was talking to these students. Swami ji Insistence him. Everyone was very impressed with the courage to speak the truth.

20 short stories

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