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Inspiring Stories:

You may had read many Inspiring Stories in your life, but after reading these inspiring stories, your inner soul will also be inspired. I am saying this because, when I read these story, some stories from this that touched my heart. I hope you will also definitely love these 10 inspirational stories.

Inspiring Stories:

Here are the names of all the inspirational stories that you will get in this post.

1. Guru Nanak's True Teaching.
2. Any Situation, Should Never Panic.
3. We Have A Baker Present In All Of Us.
4. That Is Why People Say Always Do Good Deeds.
5. Who Is The Artist Of This Idol?
6. The Price Of Coin.
7. Harsh Word.
8. Teaching Of Gautam Buddha.
9. Without discipline, there is no development
10. The person who is afraid can never succeed.

10 Life Teaching Inspiring Stories

1. Guru Nanak's True Teaching 

Inspiring Stories : 

Once upon a time when Guru Nanak was on the journey. In that time was a strange rule. It is that the person who has as much wealth as he used to have the same flag above his house.

Dhunni Chandra had a property of 20 crores in Lahore. That is why he was hoisting 20 flags on the roof of her house. Dunni Chandra came to know that Guru Nanak had come to Lahore, so he went to meet him. Duni Chandra asked for an opportunity to serve Guru Nanak.

Guru Nanak said, giving it a needle, take it and return it to me in the next life. Dhunni Chandra took the needle. But he thought how I can take this needle with me in the next life. He went back to Guru Nanak and said, "How can I take this needle with me after death?"

Then Guru Nanak said, "When you can not take this needle with you in your next life, So how can you take such wealth with you?"  When Dhuni Chandra heard this, her eyes were opened. Since that day, he started helping the poor and helpless people from all his property.

• Accumulation of wealth should be done as much as needed. Due to greed, we accumulate wealth, but will you be able to take it in your next life? Probably not. By giving such a true education, Guru Nanak opened the eyes of Dhunni Chandra.

2. Any Situation, Should Never Panic

Inspiring Stories 

Once upon a time, a potter's ass fell into the pit. The donkey crying for hours and the potter was listening to the donkey's crying and wondering, that what he should do. So in the end, he decided that because the donkey has become very old, so there is no benefit from saving him, so he should be buried in the pit.

Potter invited all his neighbors for help. Everyone caught each shovel and started putting the soil in the pit. As soon as the donkey realized what was happening, he started crying loudly. Then, suddenly, the  asshole became silent.

Everyone kept quietly putting the soil in the well. Only then did the potter peek in the well so he remained obsessed with surprise. With the soil of every shovel falling on its back, the donkey was doing an amazing thing. He takes the soil over himself, and drops down and keeps a step above that clay.

As the potter and his neighbor dropped the soil from the shovels on it, he shake the soil by moving, and climbing one step up on that soil. Soon after the donkey reached the edge of the pit, and then jumped out.

Moral - Whatever the situation, the person should not be discouraged. Always go ahead and keep moving.

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3. We Have A Baker Present In All Of Us

Inspiring Stories : 

Things are the days when slave practice in America was at its peak. There was a slave named Becker. He became a confidante of the lord due to his hard work. One day when Baker went to the market with his master, he saw several slaves standing up for sale.

Only then a look at his old slave. Baker requested his boss to buy that old slave. To keep respect of the baker, the boss bought that slaveAfter a while the owner asked Baker, 'Why did you choose this elderly slave, while there are so many strong slave present here.

Baker said, 'I want to serve him.' Baker used to serve that elderly every day and always treated him well. The owner keeps watching all this, one day the owner asked, 'Who is this? Baker said, 'My boss, i have no relation with him, I just want to serve him. Baker's owner knew that Bekar does not tell anyone about his mind, so the owner insisted, 'Who is he?'

Baker said, 'This is my enemy. This is the same person who grabbed me from the village and sold you as a slave. It was not known how painful it was for me to be a slave. But on that day when I saw it in the market, I understood that this is the same enemy, but now it has grown old and is worthy of mercy. That's why I want to serve him.

After hearing the Baker, the owner's eyes were filled. He decided to oppose slavery and freed both of them from slavery.

● Baker is in all of us. If needed, only to recognize that if we do our work diligently, we will definitely reach to our destination. Baker was kind, he served his enemy as a person of mercy. Due to his behavior, he became free from the slave's slavery.

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4. That Is Why People Say Always Do Good Deeds

Inspiring Stories : 

Once, with the intention of annoying the Tailang swamy, a person, instead of milk, dissolved lime and put it in a pot. That Gentle man looked at that pot of milk and drank quietly.

The person thought that soon the impact of lime would affect that person. But opposite, it did not happen to Swamiji. Rather that person's health began to worsen.

That person fell at the feet of Swamy and started apologizing for his mistake. Then Swamiji said, 'I have drunk lime water, but the effect has also happened to you because it has only one reason and it is that both of us have the same abode of soul. If you hurt someone else, then you will have to suffer the pain. 

Moral:  We should not hurt others, because sometimes we have to suffer the same pain.

5. Who Is The Artist Of This Idol? 

Inspiring Stories : 

At the time of Socrates, there was an exhibition was held in his city. The grand statue of the Greek god Apollo was established in the exhibition. To see this statue, the main people of Greece, including King Piriklis, Queen Espacea, scholar Sophocles and Socrates themselves were there.

The idol was so beautiful that anyone who saw it praised the idol making artist. But when the king Perciles asked the artist name, the people present there sat silent. All were surprised. Where did such a beautiful statue artist disappear?

On the order of the king, hard work was done to find the artist. After much effort, the soldiers searched the artist, he was a black colored man and he was a slave. This slave had made the sacred idol of Lord Apollo.

Some religious leaders were also standing in the audience gallery. He started shouting loudly. It has become disaster. How can a slave god create an idol of Apollo? He should be punished. His hands should be separated from the body.

The king did not like this talk of religious leaders at all. He said, - With the creator of God's beautiful idol, I can not do such cruel deeds. 'King Piriklis went ahead and grabbed both hands of that black slave and kissed his palms.

In this way, priest turned away immediately from his talk and began praising the king's justice. In this way, the slave was freed from slavery forever.

Respect is always of art and knowledge and King Piriklis did this, he was a great justice king.

6. The Price Of Coin

Inspiring Stories : 

Gandhiji was collecting funds for the Charkha Union by traveling around the country. During his tour, he came to address one of the meetings in Odisha. 

After his speech, an old poor woman stood up and urged to go to Mahatma Gandhi. The hair of that woman had turned white, her clothes were torn, and she was leaning from the waist. 

Somehow she reached through the crowd and reached near the gandhi. Upon reaching Gandhi, she touched his feet.

Then she took out a copper coin tied in his bale and placed it at the feet of Gandhiji. Gandhiji carefully picked up the coin and kept it with him. Jamalal Bajaj, Treasurer of Charkha Sangha was handling at that time. He demanded that coin from Gandhi ji, but Gandhiji refused to give it to that coin.

"I handle checks of rupees for the Charkha Sangh," Jamnalal said, 

But still I can not give this coin to you. This coin is more precious than those thousands," said Gandhi

"If someone has millions and they give thousand-two thousand rupees, then there will be no big issue for him. But this coin was probably the total deposit capital of that woman. 

She donated all his money. How generous she was ... What a big sacrifice she gave !!! That is why the value of this copper coin is more than ten million for me.

7. Harsh Word 

Inspiring Stories : 

Once from Gautam Buddha, the prince from Abhay, asked, Is Shri Gautam ever called a harsh word? He had kept thinking that if the Buddha does not say then he would tell that once he called Devadatta a hellfire and if the Buddha said yes, then he can be asked that when you can not stop yourself from using harsh words, Then why do he preach such things to others?

Buddha understood the meaning of Abhay's question. He said, the answer can not be given in yes nor in no. There was a small child at the time of his lap. Pointing towards him, Buddha asked, 'Prince, if this child unknowingly puts a piece of wood in his mouth, then what will you do?'

I will try to remove it. '

'If he can not get out easily?'

'Then, by holding his head with his left hand, I will remove him by splaying the right hand finger.'

'If blood starts coming out?'

Even so, my only attempt would be to get out of the wood piece by any way. '

'Why, so?'

'That's because I have compassion for this.'

'Rajkumar, in the same way, he does not utter any word that is known about whether it is false or disastrous and hurts others' hearts. But the same words which they seem to be truthful and beneficial, and love others, always utter those words.

The reason for this is that, in his mind, he has compassion for all creatures. '

8. Teaching Of Gautam Buddha

Inspiring Stories : 

Once, Gautam Buddha roamed along the banks of a river. There buddha saw that a fisherman spreads the net and when the fish are trapped in it, he put them on the edge and then put the net again . Fishes die without water.

Seeing Buddha, his mind became fluid and went to the fisherman and said, 'Brother, why are you killing these innocent fish?'

Fisherman looked towards Buddha and said, 'Maharaj, I will grab them and sell them in the market and earn money. I give you the price of all these fish, in return, you leave these fish .

The fisherman was happy to hear this and he handed them all the fish to Buddha by taking the value of those fish from Buddha. Buddha quickly threw all the tortured fish into the river. Seeing this, the fisherman was stunned and said, 'Maharaj, you bought these fishes from me. Then why did you put them back into the water?

When Buddha heard this, Buddha said, 'I bought it for you so that I can give them life again. It is sin to kill someone. How would you feel if I started strangling you? ' Hearing this, the fisherman began to look towards Buddha with astonishment.

Buddha said, 'The way human beings will die without water and air, in the same way, if the fish comes out of the water, they suffer and die. They also need to breathe . How can you remain harsh by seeing them in agonizing? '

Hearing the Buddha's words, the fisherman became ashamed and said, ' Hey Saint, today you opened my eyes. So far I thought it was fair but now it seems that by doing even better things, I can run my livelihood. I also make pictures. From today, I will earn my living from painting. ' After that he went from there and soon became a famous painter.

9. No Development Without Discipline 

Inspiring Stories : 

There was a city in ancient times. There was a monastery there. A monk lived in that monastery. He had many accomplishments, which led to his respect. Respect is a very big thing, he knew it. So his ambition was not anything.

One afternoon , he was meditating with his disciples. The other disciples were hungry. Then the senior monk said, 'Are you hungry?' The monk said, 'If we are hungry then what?' According to the rules of the monastery can not eat in the afternoon.

The senior monk said, 'Do not you worry I have some fruits.' He gave that fruit to the disciple monk. There was another monk in the same monastery. He wad aware of the rules of the monastery. He was a perfect man. But no one else knew this except him.

The next day they announced that which also broke the monastic rule due to hunger. He is expelled from the monastery. Then those senior monks left for that monastery forever.

Moral -  True progress is not possible without discipline. The senior monk did the same. Indeed, it is always important to remember that the success or power that has been achieved in life comes only after the result of strict discipline.

10.  The person who is afraid can never succeed

Inspiring Stories : 

It's a matter of time. There was a village near the forest. A river flows from the edge of the village. There was a bridge on the river. A monster lived under the bridge. Three goats were running in the forest. The largest goat said to the little goat, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables planted in the fields of the village across the river. Their smell is coming here too.

Cross the bridge across the river and eat them. The little goat started crossing the bridge. When he reached the middle of the bridge, the demon climbed over the bridge and scared the little goat by showing his big nails, I am very hungry. I will eat you. Shaken with fear, the little goat said, do not eat me demon. I'm too young. I will not lose your hunger. I have two big friends. They are just going to come to this side. Eat them.

Demons came to greed to eat big goats. "well you go. I will wait for the big goats." The young goat ran from there and reached the village farm and started eating fresh fruit and vegetables. The biggest goat said to the middle goat, now you go from the bridge to the village.The middle goat started crossing the bridge.

When he reached between the bridge, the demon came up and said frightening him with his horn and nails, I was very hungry. I will eat you. The goat said, let me go demon. I am small I will not lose your hunger. A friend of mine is about to come. He's bigger than me. Eat him. The monster said, well you go. The middle goat ran away from there to the little goat.

Now the big goat started crossing the bridge. He was very fat and strong. His move started moving the bridge. His horns were long and full of fangs. When he reached between the bridge, the demon once again climbed over the bridge and said frightening him with his horn and nails, I am very hungry. I will eat you now.

The big goat does not even scare him. He thundered the ground with his next feet and lowered his head and hit him with his horns on the demon's stomach. Demon went away in the river. Now the big goat passed the bridge leisurely and reached near to both of his companions and started eating the favorite food.


1. The one who is not afraid is successful in his life.

2. Do not be afraid to take risk, do the same thing so that you get pleasure.

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