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Every glowing thing is not gold. We have heard this saying often but today we will understand the full meaning of this saying by reading this story.

Poisonus Fruits, An Amazing Short Stories

Poisonus Fruits, An Amazing Short Stories

This is a pretty old thing. The main route was passed from outside a village. There was a huge tree along the route. On that tree there were great delightful fruits. Red, pink and yellow colors.

After seeing the fruit, everyone seems to be thinking of eating that fruit. Fruits looked like sweet juice.

Fruits were also sweet to eat, but they were very poisonous. Eating that fruit dies only in one hour. Therefore, the villagers did not even come near that tree.

There were three-four thugs in the village too. This tree was proving to be a boon for them.

They hide behind a stone and monitor the trees. As soon as a passerby passes through the path, when passerby eat that fruit, they follow him.

As the passersby fell due to the poison of fruit, they snatched their property and ran away from there.

One day a carpenter of bullock carts passed through the same route. The carts were loaded with goods.

There was a convoy of thirty-four carts in total. The driver and staff sitting in the first car looked at the trees with fruit, and then jumped happily. So sweet juicy fruits.

The employee break a fruit and tasted it. 'Aha' got out of his mouth. The fruits were delicious. To eat along the way, they broke some fruit from the trees and kept them in the cart.

After that, the rest trainers did the same. In the middle was a bullock cart, in which the businessman himself was traveling.

Along with his car, his bodyguard was also walking on the left side of the bullock cart on the horse.

The trader saw the forward bullockers breaking the fruit from the tree, and he shouted: "Wait! Do not eat these fruits. These are poisonous. "

He told the bodyguard running with him that, you can run and see who has eaten fruit. Ordered them, those who have eaten fruit by putting fingers in their mouth and vomiting them. Give orders to throw fruits to those who have not eaten.

The bodyguard ran ahead ahead. He went to recite the order of the trader to not eat fruits and throw the broken fruit. Four or five forward bullockers who had eaten fruit were ordered to vomit immediately.

The frontrunners who had eaten the fruits first, were in a bad condition. His head was baffling and the stomach disorder started.

Due to giving the suggestions of traders and bomiting to everyone at the time, everyone's life was saved today.

The four thieves around were very disappointed. A golden chance got out of their hands.

Some people complained to the trader that when they knew that the fruits of the tree were poisonous, why did not they first tell it to everyone? The businessman said: "I did not even know before.

I am also traveling for the first time through this route. I just saw that the fruits are lovely to see.

Because ants were sticking to a fruit. So what is the reason that this tree is full of fruits? While the village is nearby.

The people of the village eat such fruits first and raw. I used the common sense to conclude that these fruits must be poisonous. "Then the clever trader cut this tree with the help of his men so that no passer-by would be cheated.

Seeing this, all four thugs kept watching him with sadly.

Learning: Not every flashing thing is gold. Whoever is not handling, think that there is some heavy fault in it.

Poisonus Fruits, An Amazing Short Stories

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