Stories Of Telani Rama ( Stories Of The Intelligent Man)- Mi Short Stories

Stories Of Telani Rama

This story belongs to that person, with whom everyone is familiar. Due to his intelligence and cleverness, he has solved many difficulties in his life.

Yes we are talking about telani rama. Who is famous for his strength of intelligence.

We will not tell you anything more about him, you read yourself on some of the stories that will help you identify the intelligence of Telani Rama.

1. Title Of Majesty ( Stories Of Telani Rama )

Telani Rama Stories 
Stories Of Telani Rama :

King Krishnadev Rai of Vijayanagara celebrated the festival of Holi with great fanfare.

There were many programs of comedic entertainment on this occasion. The award was given to the successful artist of every program. The biggest award was given to the person who got the title of 'Mahamurkh' ( Great Fool )

Tenaliram entertained everybody in the court of Krishna Deva Rai. He was very sharp minded. He got the award of the best comedian of every year and the title of 'Mahamurkh' ( Great Fool ) also won the every year.

King's court used to jealousy for this reason. Together they once tried to defeat the leader of Telaliram This time on the day of Holi, all of them have given Teraniliram a great deal of cannabis .

On the day of holi, Tenaliram slept for a long time due to the drunkenness of the cannabis. His sleep was open so he saw it being noon. He reached the court quickly running. Half of the program was over.

When Krishnadev ray saw him, he asked, "O foolish idyllah, did you drink a cannabis on today?"

All the court officials were happy to hear that Tenali Ram was called 'fool'.

He also met the King's Yes and said, 'You are absolutely right, Tenaliram is not a fool but a big fool.'

When Tenaliram heard this from everyone's mouth, he smiled and said to the king, "Thank you, Maharaj, you have given me the biggest award today by declaring me a great fool . '

Listening to this point of Tenaliram, the courts came to know his mistake, but could they now do what?

Because they themselves had made Tanaliriram a great fool with his own mouth. Like every year, this year also Tenaliram won the 'Mahamukh' award.

2. Death Penalty ( Stories Of Telani Rama )

Telani Rama Stories 

Stories Of Telani Rama :

Sultan Ismail Adilshah of Bijapur was afraid that King Krishna Deva Rai would attack us to get back his kingdom, Raichur and Madakal.

He had heard that the king had won the Kodivadhu, Kondapalli, Udaygiri, Srirangapatinam, Umtut and Shivsamudram with his bravery.

Sultan thought that there is only one way to save these two cities that the killing of King Krishna Dev Rai should be done.

By giving greed to the big reward, he agreed to work for Tanaliram's old classmate and his uncle Kanakaraju.

Kanakaraju reached the house of Tenali Ram. Tenaliram welcomed his friend with an open heart. He loved her very much and held her in her house.

One day when Tenaliram went out of work, Kanakaraju sent a message to Raja on behalf of Tenaliram: 'If you come to my house at this time, you will see such a unique thing that you have not seen throughout life.'

The king reached the house of Tenaliram without any weapons. Suddenly Kanara Raju attacked them with razors. Before this, razors injure the king, the king tightly grabbed his wrist.

At the same time, the king's bodyguards caught Kanakaraju and killed him there.

According to the law, the person who tried to kill the king was given the death penalty. Tenaliram was also sentenced to death. He prayed to the king for mercy.

According to the law, the person who gave shelter to the person who tried to kill the king was given capital punishment. Tenaliram was also sentenced to death. He prayed to the king for mercy

The king said, 'can not forgive you by going against the rule of my state. You gave that wicked person a shelter your House . How can you expect me to forgive you? Yes, it may be that you decide on yourself, what kind of death do you want? '

I want the death of old age, my lord. 'Tenaliram said.

All were surprised. The King laughed, 'Tenniliram also escaped this time.'

3. Death Threat ( Stories Of Telani Rama )

Telani Rama Stories 

Stories Of Telani Rama :

Bhattachajee was Rajguru in the court of Krishna Deva Rai. He used to be envious of Tanaliram. Whenever he got a chance, he used to tell King everything against Tenaliram, the king.

Once in anger Raja announced the death sentence to Tenaliram, but from his extraordinary wisdom and spot response, Tenaliram saved his life, saved his life.

Once, Tenaliram planned to end the threat of death sentence given by King. He went to bhattachajee and said, 'sir, a beautiful dancer has come to the city. She wants to meet a great person like you.

She has also listened to your appreciation too. You must meet her by visiting her house tonight, but she does not have any slander, so she has said that you will go to her as a woman. '

bhattacharjee agreed with the stories of Tenaliram

After this, Tenaliram went to the king and the entire story was told to the king. There were many wives of the king and he wanted another new wife, so he got ready to meet that dancer in the form of a woman.

In the evening, Tenaliram extinguished all the lights of the building where he had called Rajguru and Raja. As a woman, Bhattacharjee first arrived and went to the dark room and sat down. While waiting, he heard the ring of ankle.

He saw that a woman entered the room, but because of the darkness he could not see her face properly.

Indeed, Bhattacharjee, whom the woman understood, was not a woman, but a king and he was waiting for the conversation to start.

After some time standing near the window of the room, Tenaliram heard some voice.

Dear, why are not you showing me your beautiful face? ' Jokingly speaking in the masculine voice.

Raja ( The king ) recognized Rajguru's( Bhattacharjee) voice and said, 'Rajguru, what are you doing here?'

Rajguru ( Bhattacharjee) recognized the voice of the king. Soon they both understood that Tanaliram fooled them. Both tried to come out of the room, but Tenaliram closed the door from the outside and locked it.

He shouted from the window, 'If you both promise that I will not threaten the death penalty in the future, then I will open the door.'

Maharaj ( The King) was very angry on this audacious of Tenalirram, but in this situation both were helpless in the dark room and they could not even punish him for this act of Tenaliram.

Both of them were afraid of being defamatory and both of them had no other way left, so they accepted the suggestion of Tenaliram.

4. Cow For Cat ( Stories Of Telani Rama)

Telani Rama Stories 

Stories Of Telani Rama :

Once upon a time, many rats had kept the people of Vijayanagar upset. There have been many attempts to get rid of rats.

Finally, to solve this problem, the king announced that each family will be given a cat each to catch the rats.

The burden of maintenance of the cat does not fall on the people, so each cow will also be given a family, so that the cow's milk can be fed to cats.

The King's decision did not like Tenaliram and he made a plan to explain it to the king.

Tenaliram, give his cat hot milk daily to drink. As soon as the cat drank milk, her tongue was burnt badly, so the cat gradually gave up drinking milk.

One day the king went to the city to inspect the cats. Raja sees that the cats of all houses are healthy, but Tenaliram's cat is very weak and thin.

On asking, Tenaliram said, 'This cat does not drink milk.'

The cat was given milk on the king's order to check the truth of Tenaliram, but as soon as cat remembered his burned tongue, he ran away immediately after seeing the milk.

The king understood that there is no trick of Tenaliram in it. This must have done something so that the cat runs away from milk.

He became angry and said to his soldiers, 'Tenali should be slaughtered hundred.'

Tenaliram looked towards the king and said, 'Maharaj, kill me hundred times, I do not have any grief about this, but I think that, when there is not enough amount of milk available for drinking the person, then the cats Is it fitting to feed? '

The king immediately realized his mistake. They immediately ordered that cows milk should be used for humans instead of cats.

5. High Appointment Of Hairdresser ( Stories Of Telani Rama )

Telani Rama Stories 

Stories Of Telani Rama :

The work of the Royal Barber was to make the beard of King Krishna Deva Rai every рдо marti of your royal court.'

The king got ready to fulfill the desire of the hairdresser. The news of the high appointment of Barber spread all the way as soon as the other courtiers became disturbed by this.

The king got ready to fulfill the desire of the hairdresser. The news of the high appointment of Barber spread all the way as soon as the other courtiers became disturbed by this.

Everyone thought that the ignorant person could abuse his position by becoming courtier.

All courts went to Tenaliram to solve the problem. Tenaliram assured them of assistance.

The next morning Raja went for a walk along the river. There he was surprised to see Tenaliram being rubbing a black dog with a loud groan.

When King asked the reason, Tenaliram said, 'Maharaj, I want to make it fair.'

The King laughs, 'Will the black dog become white by bathing?'

'Maharaj, when an ignorant person can become a courtier, then it can also be fair.' Tenaliram replied.

Upon hearing this, the king immediately understood what Tenniliram wanted to say.

On the same day, the king again gave it his place, which was appropriate for him.

6. Colorful Desserts ( Stories Of Telani Rama )

Telani Rama Stories 

Stories Of Telani Rama :

The spring was strewn. King Krishna Deva Rai was very pleased. He was walking in the garden with Tenaliram.

They wanted to celebrate a festival that included all the people of his kingdom.

The entire state will be immersed in the joy of celebration. In this topic, he also wanted to take opinions from Tenaliram.

Tenaliram praised this king's thinking and thus ordered to celebrate a national festival in Vijayanagara.

The city was cleaned soon, roads and buildings were illuminated. The entire town was decorated with flowers. There was an atmosphere of celebration in all the cities.

After this, the King announced that colorful desserts were sold at the sweet shops to celebrate a national festival. After the announcement, the sweet shop is busy making sweets.

Tenaliriram was not coming in the court for several days. The king sent the soldiers to find Tenaliram, but they could not even find Tenaliram. They informed the king about this.

The king became even more worried by this. He ordered to find Tenaliram vigilantly.

A few days later, the soldiers found Tanaliram. When they came back, they said to the king, 'Maharaj, Tenaliram has opened a dyeing shop and he is busy doing his work all day.

When we asked him to come with us, he refused to come. '

The king became even more worried by this. He ordered to find Tenaliram vigilantly.

After few days, the soldiers found Tanaliram. When they came back, they said to the king, 'Maharaj, Tenaliram has opened a dyeing shop and he is busy working for the whole day.

When we asked him to come with us . He refused to come. '

The King was angry when he heard this. He said to the soldiers, 'I order you to take Tenaliram early and bring him here. If he does not come with you, then bring him with force. '

Following the order of the king, the military grabbed Tinaliliram and brought him to the court.

The king asked, 'Tenali, when I sent soldiers to bring you, why did not you follow the imperial order and why did you open the shop of this Rangarea? You have a good place in our court. By which you can fulfill all your needs.

Tenaliram said, 'Maharaj, I really wanted to paint my clothes for a national festival.

Before using all colors, I wanted to complete the work of dyeing. '

'What do you mean by using all the colors? Are they all dressing their clothes? ' The king asked.

'No, Maharaj, after making your order to make colorful desserts, all the dessert makers have been busy buying color to color sweets.

If they buy all the colors to color sweets then how will my clothes be painted? '

The king realized his mistake on this. They said, 'So you want to say that my order is inappropriate.

Taking advantage of my order, making sweets, using salty and harmful colors to paint sweets.

They should only use the edible colors. 'By saying so, Maharaj saw Tenaliram. There was the same smiling smile on the face of Tenaliram.

Raja Krishnadev Rai ordered that those who make use of harmful chemical colors which make sweets should be punished with harsh punishments.

Thus, Tenaliram once again used the intellect to protect the people of Vijayanagara.

7. Wretched Ramaiya ( Stories Of Telani Rama)

Telani Rama Stories 

Stories Of Telani Rama :

It was famous in the city about the man named Ramayya that anyone who looked at his face in the morning did not get any food to eat.

That is why somebody did not like to come in front of him in the morning.

Somehow it reached Raja Krishnadev Rai. They thought, 'this thing should be examined.'

He called Ramayya in the palace and slept with him in the bed at night, and on the second morning when he got up in the morning, first saw his face.

After settling the necessary tasks of the court, the food was served to the king when he went to his dining room for food. Now the king had taking food in the mouth, only that a fly appeared in the food.

Seeing them, his mind began to deteriorate, and he got up and left the food.

After the meal was re-prepared, it was over time that the hunger of the king was erased.

The king thought, 'Of course this is a Ramayana wretched, that's why I did not have the food all day.'

After getting angry, the king ordered that this man be hanged. The sentinel of the state took him to hang him.

On the way he found the teenaliram. He asked Ramayya to tell him the whole story.

Tenaliram tied him up and said in his ear, 'Before you hang, they will ask your final wish.

You say, 'I want to go in front of the public and say that I do not get any food after seeing my face, but whoever sees the look of the lord in the morning, he has to lose his life.'

Explaining this, went to Tenaliram. Prior to hanging, the guards asked Ramayya, 'What is your ultimate desire?'

Ramayya said the same, which Taneliram explained. The watchman was amazed to hear his unique wish. He told the last wish of Ramayana to the king.

After listening to this, the king remained silent. If Ramayya told this thing among the people it would be a disaster.

He called Ramayya and gave a lot of reward and said, 'Do not tell this to anyone.'

8. Head In The Pitcher ( Stories Of Telani Rama )

Telani Rama Stories

Stories Of Telani Rama :

Once Maharaja( The king)  Krishnadev Rai got annoyed with the issue of Telaliram.

In anger, he told Taneliram in state counsil that from tomorrow, do not show me your face in the court. At the same time, Tenaliram went to the court.

On the second day, when Maharaj ( King) was coming towards the State Counsil, One Snitcher then provoked him by saying that Tanaliram was present in the court against your order.

Only after hearing this, Maharaj ( King) became enraged. That snitcher said further - you had said that he would have been whipped when he came in the court, he did not even care about it. Now, Tenaliram is also trying to defy your order.

The king arrived in the court. He saw that Taneliram was doing a strange thing by wearing a pot of soil on his head. At the pitcher, the faces of the animals were all around.

Tenaliram! What is this absurdity? You have violated our order ', said Maharaj. Get ready to get punishment.

'Which I did not obey your lord?'

Tanailiram said in a pitcher, 'You said that, "tomorrow I will not show my face in the court." So do you see my face?,Oh God ! Was potter gave me hole pitcher !

After listening to this, Maharaj( King) laughs. He said, 'Someone can not be angry with the intelligent and spot answers like you. Now remove this pitcher and take your seat.'

Stories Of Telani Rama
                        Stories Of Telani Rama

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