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Horror Stories:

On TV, we see horror stories or horror films, which is fictitious and even more real. But has there been such an event in your life which you can never forget. If something has happened then definitely tell us.

I have also been through a situation whose horror stories I will tell you later.

Best Horror Stories

But today I have brought real horror stories for you, which has happened with many people in the world. Perhaps many of these horror stories, you have read or heard from somewhere, and maybe there are some horror stories that you have never read. 

So enjoy these horror stories today and if you like these stories, then definitely share this post.

Here Are The Names Of Those Horror Stories That You Will Get In This Post

1. Bloddy Merry.
2. Kedarnath.
3. Stree.
4. Elevator Game.
5. The Exorcism Of Emilly Rose.
6. Shaniwar Waada Fort.
7. Mumbai Haunted House.
8. Ghost Of Eva Gray.
9. Sourav Ganguly Real Ghost                          Experience.
10. Mumbai Auto Driver Real Story

Real And Best Horror Stories

1. Bloddy Merry ( Horror Stories )

1. Bloddy Merry ( Horror Stories )

Horror Stories

This story is about 21 year old boy Mike, who studied in America's college in 1992. The preparations were going on for Christmas and all the students got vacation to go home.

But Mike and his roommate Metty were working on a special project, because of which they did not go home and stayed in the college hostels to finish their project in college. Two days before cristmas, Metty and Mike were sitting in their rooms watching a horror movie.

After the movie, both of them started talking about the legends of different movies. Then for the first time, Metty told Mike about the story of Bloody Mary.

He said that if a person goes to the front of the mirror alone and calls the name of Bloody Mary three times, then she will come out of the mirror and kill the person.

Mike was fascinated by the story and he wanted to call on Bloody Mary. He called the name of Bloody Mary three times in front of the mirror in the bathroom late night.

He stopped three times by saying this, but nothing happened, and Mike went to sleep in his room. At night sleeping mike had a dream that he was standing in a very big ocean and there was nobody around him. But in the reflection of water, he saw the reflection of a woman. 

As soon as he bowed down to see the face of that woman, suddenly a hand came out of the water and his sleep broke.

When he looked around, his roommate metty was sleeping comfortably beside him. After a lot of effort, Mike got to sleep. The next morning, when Mike went to his bathroom, he saw a crack on the glass of that bathroom and bleeding was coming out of that crack. Seeing this he was quite nervous.

That night again he had a dream where he was standing in a dark place and there were glass mirrors all around. His voice was echoing in his ears repeatedly. 

Slowly all the glass cracks started. He saw a blue child crying in a glass and when he went to his near and then all the glass disappeared. 

When he turned back and looked back, Bloody Mary was standing there. Seeing this, he woke up from his sleep and woke up his friend Metty too. 

Mike told Metty what happened to him as a complete story, then metty was not believed at all, and he told Mike that all is just a story.

On Insisting on metty, both of them recalled bloddy merry that night and planned to apologize to her. This time, both of them followed the whole ritual of calling Bloody Mary and then they called to bloddy Mary three times, but no one came there. 

Then metty came out of the bathroom and told Mike to call Bludy Mary alone. When Mike called Bloody Mary three times, with great courage, no one came here.

Metty began to say that you are thinking too much and all this is just a story. But the light of the candle from the bottom of the door was flickering loudly. Metty felt a little strange and immediately asked Mike whether he was fine or not. 

Mike was scared that there was no sound coming out of his mouth and that the lights of the bathroom were completely off. And then he saw bloddy merry in the bathroom mirror and he screamed loudly.

Metty was very nervous after hearing his scream and he tried very hard to open the door but the door was not open. He quickly went down and called the guard and broke the door. 

When the door opened, then metty saw that the mirror was broken and Mike's head was submerged in the bathroom sink.

Mike was immediately taken to the hospital but he died in hospital. Metty considers himself responsible for his death and never brings Bloddy Merry's name to his mouth.

2. Kedarnath ( Horror Stories )

2. Kedarnath ( Horror Stories )

Horror Stories

Kedarnath is the well-known pilgrimage site of India, where lakhs of people go on a hill track for 16 kilometer long to see the temple here every year. 

Anyone who comes here goes through all the difficulties and whatever the desires are fulfilled, But there was an incident here in 2013 that caused the heart of the whole Indian was shocked.

There was such a terrible flood that caused everything to ruin. Many buildings collapsed, thousands of people lost their lives and millions of people are still missing. 

Slowly it was repaired and people came to Kedarnath again for a glimpse. But today it is still full of broken houses and barren land. It is believed that those people who died in that incident have never been liberation and their soul remains wandering even today.

Therefore, Kedarnath still speaks the city of ghosts. During the repair in 2014, there were some such accidents with laborers working here that they became very scared. 

When the workers were asked questions, the laborers said that they felt some awkward things while working. Just as their belongings roamed around, having trouble breathing,

A laborer told that a friend named Bhola was passing through the lonely mountain lane once in the thick darkness of the night. 

He felt that two or three people were following him, he started moving forward fast and afterwhile he heard the voice of "save me, save me" from behind.

Then he had to turn back and there was nobody. As soon as he returned to go, he saw the carcass of the dead people was laid on his way.

Seeing this, he closed his eyes. Suddenly he started suffocating and he sat down under the knees. She was having trouble breathing and she felt like she was drowning in water. 

When he opened his eyes with great courage, he saw that he was in deep water and thousands of people were drowning in the water.

In his ears, "save me, save me" the voice began to resound and he felt that all the people drowning were dragging him down in the water. In a while he became unconscious. 

when his eye opened, nobody was around him. On the same day Bhola left for his village and never seen again around Kedarnath.

Many other workers left their job because of all these things, and never looked back towards Kedarnath again. Kedarnath, where on one side people's faith and hope are linked, on the other side is cursed with the souls of people who died in that incident of 2013.

3. Stree ( Horror Stories )

Stree ( Horror Stories )

Horror Stories

The story of 1984 is from a small town in Karnataka. There was a lot of stir in the city for many days. Every night someone was kidneped in the city. 

Upon hearing this news, a reporter named Venkata reached the city. In the evening was 6, but the people of the city quickly closed their shops and went on their house.

Venkata saw that outside every house in Canada it was written 'Nelaaba' which means 'come tomorrow'. He asked to stop the priest, what is happening in the city. 

The priest told him that a witch is roaming in the city. She went to everybody's house in every night and she knocked on the door and loudly called the name of the person who lives in the house. No man can ignore his voice and open the door.

It is said that the witch took him in his possession and took him away somewhere and killed him. 

That's why the people of the city started writing "Nelaaba" outside the house to avoid her, which reads that she will not come today and come tomorrow and this continuation continues. Saying so much that the priest went on his way home quickly.

Venkata got a good story for tomorrow's newspaper, but only a few steps away, his scooter was punctured. Darkness was going on and everyone had gone inside their house. 

Suddenly there was someone around him, so he started moving fast to go home. Someone called his name with a very sweet voice.

As soon as Venkata saw the mirror of his scooter, he saw that witch in the mirror of his scooter. Seeing this, the bank was very afraid and left the scooter there and started running further away. 

He went into a small house and hid it and locked the door from inside. Emphasis was started on the door, and he began to hear strange voices. 

After a while, when all the voices became silent, he courageously opened the door, there was nobody there, but then suddenly the witch came in front of him and shouted.

In the morning, the Venkata was found lying unconscious in the same house. It was that day and today's day, Venkata never understood what happened to him that night. 

The people of the city said that he is not of the city, perhaps because he was saved. After some months no anecdote of that witch was heard. Even today, the people of the city have written "Nalaba" i.e. 'come tomorrow' outside their home.

The film ' Stree' is based on this true story.

4. Elevator Game ( Horror Stories )

Elevator Game ( Horror Stories )

Horror Stories

Some things can never be understood. One such sensational story, about a 21 year old girl who stayed at the cecil hotel in America, and certainly never got out of there. 

The Cecil hotel was built in 1927 and it is believed that this hotel is haunted. Many people have committed suicide by jumping from their room window.

Not only that, nearly 30 years ago, there was a serial killer named Richard Rangage, who had 13 murders inside his room. People say that his soul still wanders in this hotel.

On one morning of the year 2013, the staff of Hotel Cecil started getting a lot of complaints due to the problem of water. Water was not coming from tap in many rooms, and black water was coming out in the room somewhere.

In a hotel staff, when he went to check the water on the terrace, he saw that the water tank's lid was open. When he peeped inside the tank, his hair stood. 

There was a girl's body sink in the water. That girl's name was Elisa Lum. Elisa had a suffered polar disorder and she was battling depression. People thought that he had committed suicide because of this.

But from that day no one has come to know that despite all the doors closed, how she reached up to the tank and how she drowned himself by opening the lid of the water tank. 

Some people say that one of the hotel's staff killed her and some people believe that the soul of Richard Rangage did the same with her.

But on the night of the death of Elisa, she was last seen on the footage of CCTV camera in the lift of the hotel, where she was behaving very abnormal way. 

Looking at the footage it seemed as she was hiding from someone, and later she saw someone in corridoor and went behind him.

And a very interesting story is also that he is playing an elevator game. The elevator game is a game that allows people to travel from one world to the other in the dead world. To play it, there should be at least 10 floor building where the person has to go from one to the other floor with the help of a lift.

Meanwhile, a horror woman comes inside the lift, whose face should never be seen. When a person reaches the 10th floor, it opens in another world, which is a world of spirits and ghosts.

If someone forgets the way to come back, then his soul is imprisoned forever in that world. Perhaps it would have happened with ellisa. From that day until today Elisa's death remained a secret. 

What do you think you must tell us in a comment.

5. The Excorcism of Emilly Rose (Horror Stories )

The Excorcism of Emilly Rose (Horror Stories )

Horror Stories : 

This story is about one of the world's most famous horror movies, 'The Excorcism of Emilly Rose.

Based on the true events that happened with a girl named Anneliese Michel, every single thing told in this story. Anneliese, living in Germany, began to suffer severe problems at the age of 16. 

Dizziness, not reacting on anything, Shout without reason, walking in sleep, all this problem had become a normal thing in Anneliese's life. Once she was suffering severe epilepsy and her body was trembling badly.

His family members showed him to the doctor. The doctor said that she is very ill to the brain and het problem will not increase, so the doctor gave her some medicines, but the medicines have no effect.

When Anneliese became 21 years old in 1973, her condition became worse. At one time it came when Anneliese began to feel that the devil's shadow over her. 

Wherever she goes she saw the face of the devil. Many times she thought that the souls were speaking in hed ears, "You are a sinner, you will be punished, you will go to hell."

Her condition was worsening day by day. She could not enter the church nor could see the picture of any god. 

After a little more time, the activities of Anneliese became even more odd. She eat insect, hurt herself severely, tear off her clothes, and walk on her own hands. 

Seeing all this, her parents were very scared and they was convinced that she possessed .

They asked for help from the church priest, but they refused. On a lot of requested when they went to their house, they was stunned after seeing, what they saw. 

Seeing the priest Anneliese began to hit her head with a loud emphasis on the wall, and started talking in a different language. Not only that, she came in anger and lifted the bed from one handand and threw it to the priest.

Seeing all this, they was convinced that the Anneliese possessed a very big soul and they was ready to help her, and for this, they decided to exorcise Anneliese. Exrocism is the method of taking out evil spirits from any human body.

Between 1975 and 1976, that is, for nearly 10 months, those souls were tried to drive away souls from Annalis's body. In the beginning Anneliese was tied to the bed and scared those spirits to come out of his body. In response, Anneliese's body was badly hurted by the devil spirits.

Exsorcism showed that there was not one, but six devils soul inside her body. During this time, Anneliese had given up food and she became very weak.

On 1 st July 1976, she died due to dehydration and lack of food and drink. Both the Priest and her parents were arrested accused of her death. They were released after 6 months without proof of any concrete evidence. During exsorcism, the voices of Anneliese still resonate in her parents ears.

6. Shaniwar Waada Fort ( Horror Stories )

7. Mumbai Haunted House ( Horror Stories )

Horror Stories : 

In such a place where India should never go in the night of the full moon, and this place is the Pune's 300-year-old Shanibar Bada Fort. It is one of the most hated place in the world.

In 1730, Maratha Emperor Pesha Bajirao had made this fort. In his first year, Bajirao got cheated from his wife Kashi Bai and son Nana Saheb, and he was separated from his loved Mastani, Because of which he was deeply shocked and he died.

Since then, Shanibar Wada lost everything in the battle of the throne and due to a terrible fire in 1828, the fort was completely burnt to ashes. To this day no one knows how the fire burned.

People say that this place is cursed and here the soul of Baji Rao's grandson Narayana Rao wanders, who does not allow anybody to live in this fort. Narayana Rao's last words still resonate in this place till today and people hear it.

Nana Saheb, son of Peshwa Bajirao, had three children. Vishwas Rao, Madhavrao and Narayan Rao After the death of Nana Saheb, Bishwas Rao was made a Peshwa ( Peshwa means to call the king of that kingdom with respect) by which Nana Saheb's younger brother, Raghunath Rao was not happy.

Bishwas Rao was killed in the third battle of Panipat and his younger brother Madhav Rao died due to grief by considering himself responsible. 

Narayan Rao, who was 17 years old, was made a Peshwa. As a result, his uncle Raghunath's intention changed into hatred, and he wanted to get the throne at any cost.

Narayan Rao came to know of this hatred and he closed his uncle in the house. Raghunath's wife Anandi Bai decided to take revenge on her. The last night of Ganapati immersion, attack him with the help of crowd poachers.

When Narayan heard from the noise in the fort, he got up from sleep and saw that the crowd hunter entered his room, and he started calling his uncle for help. But those poachers caught him and killed him.

" Kaka Mala Bachaba" ie that uncle save me. He screamed loudly by saying this, but no one came to saved him.  

After his death, those people cut his body into pieces and threw into the river. His soul never got peace and his soul wanders in the Shanibar Woda Fort. So that's era, it is strictly forbidden.

7. Mumbai Haunted House ( Horror Stories )

7. Mumbai Haunted House ( Horror Stories )

Horror Stories : 

This story belongs to the Gupta family living in Mumbai. Mr. Gupta used to live outside in connection with work and Mrs Gupta used to admit it, but two small children, new flat and new place. It was difficult to mannage everything alone.

26th of July was raining heavily in Mumbai. On that night, Mr Gupta was out of office work and Mrs. Gupta was watching the TV alone in the hall after slept her two children. At 1:00 a.m., watching a TV, a football came in front of her suddenly. 

She thought that Shubham was getting up and doing some fun in the night, then he got angry and shouted on him "Shubham you have not slept yet ".

But there was not a Shubham but an 18-19 year-old boy who was a strange sight. Mrs. Gupta was scared to see why this boy is doing strange weird things like children. As soon as Mrs. Gupta went on to the boy, the boy walked straight into the children's room.

Mrs. Gupta followed him behind to the room. She searched a lot but found none of them. But as soon as she opened the children's room wardrobe, the boy was hiding inside the closet.

Mrs. Gupta immediately phoned his husband but the phone did not have a network and someone started knocking on the door. Mrs. Gupta, opened the door with great courage, then she saw an old lady goint to the children's room with a shovel in her hand.

Mrs. Gupta also walked in that room chasing her. When that women went inside the room, the door closed very strongly. Mrs. Gupta opened the door as soon as she saw that the woman in the balcony stood at Guardrail with the same boy.

The lady turned to Miss Gupta and jumped off the balcony with the boy. Mrs. Gupta did not understand anything, she immediately raised her two children from sleep, took the keys of the car and immediately went from there to her family friend's house.

On finding, it became known that at the time of the construction of the building, on July 26, 2005, a woman and her mentally ill boy had fallen down from the 25th floor. That flat is empty till today and no one visit there after listening  this incident.

8. Ghost Of Eva Gray ( Horror Stories)

8. Ghost Of Eva Gray ( Horror Stories)

Horror Stories

This story is about 100 years old City Theater in Biddeford City of America. In 1894, there was a terrible fire in this theater, due to which the whole building was burnt.

After 2 years, the City Theater was rebuilt, after the re-creation of the theater, there was a strange suffocation. 

Practicing the performer, there was a shortage of breath, showing the shadow of the people, all these things had filled the fear of a lot inside the people.

Another incident happened in 1904, which changed the picture of this theater. On the day of hallowin, a 33 year old opera singer named Eva Green was heartfailed to perform on stage and she had died on the spot.

It is said that from that day onwards, her soul wanders in that theater. But a girl named Erika was unaware of all these things.

On the day of 2016, on Halloween, she had to perform a play on her college side, for her theater group, Biddeford Theater was alloted to practice and before the arrival of the colleagues she had reached there and she thought that she would start her practice. 

Theater was very big and it was too old. There was no man from far away. Erika seemed to be scared in such a big theater but all her attention was on her performance. 

She was practicing her roll then suddenly she heard the sound of someone clapping. She looked at the audience and there was no one else.

After some time there was a big chandelier, its light became on and she saw that a woman standing in the balcony and staring at her. Erika asked loudly 'Who's there' but no one answered, and that woman disappeared from there. 

Erica was a little scared that what was happening with her. Then she began to feel very relieved in breathing, and she started feeling that someone was pushing her throat.

Erica then understood that it was not good for her to stay there and she immediately proceeded to exit theater, but no door was open. 

Suddenly all the lights of the theater were turned on and a music started and the theater was full of audience. When she looked at the stage, a scary woman was singing. That woman was what she had seen before in the balcony.

Then the loud voice started to sound at the door. The door opened and she saw some of the college's friends had come along. 

When Erica looked back at the sight, everything was normal as it was before. There was no one at the stage nor on the audience, neither the music was ringing nor  the chandelier shining.

He told the accident happened with his friends and theater management. Then he got to know about the story of Eva Gray. After that day, Erika was afraid to perform in any theater and left her own dream of acting forever.

9. Sourav Ganguly Real Ghost Experience ( Horror Stories )

Sourav Ganguly Real Ghost Experience ( Horror Stories )

Horror Stories : 

This story is about the 2002 England tour of India's famous cricketer Sourav Ganguly. Saurabh had defeated England at the same place, but few days before that, there was some strange incident with Saurabh in Durham's Hotel 'Lumley Castle'. Tired of the practice, Sourav was sleeping in his hotel room.

Due to the sound of the flow of water loudly in the midnight, he woke up. He saw that all the taps of all the bathrooms were open. Saurabh first got a little nervous then shut the whole tap and slept in the room. Saurabh's sleep broke again with the sound of water flowing through the tap.

He saw that the light of the bathroom was on and the voice of a girl's song was coming from inside. When Saurabh open the door and saw inside the bathroom, a woman was bathing behind the curtain.

The woman behind that curtain looked at Sourav with her flashing eye. But then suddenly the curtain was open and nobody was there.

The light of the bathroom began to blink, and Sourav was seen in the dark just the same two flashing eyes. Saurabh was horrified after seeing this and immediately went to his roommate Robin Singh's room next to him.

Next morning Saurab got to know that the hotel is Lumley Haunted, and there the Lady Lovely's soul wanders.

10. Mumbai Auto Driver Real Story (Horror Stories )

10. Mumbai Auto Driver Real Story (Horror Stories )

Horror Stories : 

My name is Iqbal and I have been running auto for the last 20 years, and I know all about Mumbai. But there is a place in Mumbai where I never go and it is the Arya Colony located in Goregaon, Mumbai.

Almost eight nine/ years ago, I was returning home after leaving Passenger in Royal Plams Society late at night. The entire path was made in the middle of the deserted forests. 

On that day the wind was moving very fast and it seemed to be very mild cold. When I was singing Kishore Kumar's song, suddenly a woman came in front of my auto. I stopped my auto and landed by auto to apologize to that woman, But there was no one in the far distance.

I thought my eyes were deceived, and then I sat back in my auto. As soon as I started auto, an old woman stood beside my auto. She told me to 'walk a little further', and sat behind. That woman was wearing torn old clothes. Her face was hidden from his hair. 

I was feeling a little strange that at 3:00 p.m. this old lady has to go. I asked him 'where did you go madam?' She replied in serious voice 'Take to the next crematorium.'

From the mirror of Auto when I saw him saying, there was a scary shine in his eyes. When her hair was blown out of sight, my consciousness got blown after seeing her gulled face. My whole body was trembling with fear and then I came to realize that the woman who is behind me is probably the witch. 

I did not understand anything, so I was quietly moving the auto forward. There was a sudden breakdown in my auto and it stopped. I did not see the woman sitting behind me and sat down to fixing my auto myself.

After some time I fixed my auto and started it, then I saw that the woman is not the seat behind my auto. Only then a auto passes there from which the same woman was sitting. I passed away from that area and went to my house and slept. 

The next day I came to know that an auto accident occurred in that area and the auto driver had died at the same time. The most surprising thing was that it was the same auto in which the old lady came out to sit.

After this incident, I had heard many stories that there is an old witch wearing a white sari in the arrey colony.

Horror Stories

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