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Scary Stories :

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Reading scary story not only you loves, Rather I like it too. Whenever I get the time, I read stories according to my mind and share it with you in my MI Short Stories blog. Today in this post, i have brought scary stories and some horror stories for you. I hope you like it.

Read these 20 Scary stories

1. Scary Stories

Delhi Cantt Road

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali of 2012, something unusual happened to my uncle Sunil, due to which he never wanted to remember Diwali.

Whole Delhi was shining brightly in Diwali. Sunil also celebrated diwali with his family and was urgently going to ahemdabad with the work of his office, and at 4:00 a night flight ticket was also booked.

To go to the airport, he had to go to Delhi Cantt Road. It is said that the delhi Cantt area is one of the most haunted places in India.

This area is just like any common collony between the middle of the city and there is also home of the Indian Army Officer here. But still this area is considered terrible. Sunil had to go to the airport through this area.

The night of Diwali is the night of the new moon and it is said that the power of the ghost is doubled in the new moon. But Sunil had to come on this path a lot and he never felt like something so that he was afraid.

It was 2:00 pm when Sunil left for the airport with his wife on the taxi. On coming to Delhi Cantt road, Sunil saw a white saree slaughtered woman in the side of the road, demanding lift from the gestures of hand.

Sunil thought why this woman was standing on this deserted road so late in the night and sunil talked to the driver to stop the car.

Taxi Driver stopped the car by going to the woman, and Sunil said to her, "We are going to the airport, come with us, we leave you ahead." That woman did not respond any thing.

His face was covered with his open hair. Sunil again said, "Let us leave you ahead", the woman did not respond. At that time, Sunil's wife felt a strange nervousness and she started dizzying.

Sunil's wife spoke loudly in the panic "Sunil, Sunil, let's go from here, please. When Sunil looked at his wife, her face was white." Now he thought there was something wrong and talked to the driver to start the car.

But the driver was looking at that woman and he had no sensation of anything. Only then did the woman lift her face and look at Sunil.

When Sunil saw that woman's horrible face, Sunil shook the driver, "Driver escalated the car ". The driver came into consciousness and quickly escalated the car.

The woman was running in the air with the car outside the window. Sunil was very frightened by seeing this and he sweating too.

Sunil's car speed was more than 100 kilometers per / hour. But that woman was not leaving behind them. As he got out of Delhi Cantt, his car became an accident.

Sunil's sensation came to the hospital the next day and he came to know that his wife went into coma, and that driver had died as an accident.

About 4 months later, Sunil's wife got out of coma and now both of them started living their normal life. But from that day onwards, Sunil does not celebrate his diwali and he does not wander around the streets of Delhi Cantt.

(This story is collected from a youtube channel 'Khooni Monday')

2. Scary Stories

My First Date

This is the story of Valentines night. That his night is called the night of love, but there was something different for me.

I met a girl on a dating site. She was a very beautiful, confident and an dependent girl. The thinking of both of us was very similar. We both seemed to love each other so well that we both decided to meet.

To make the first meeting special, we chose our first date of the day 14 feb i.e. valentines day. I went to my car to meet her at the cafe. Only a few minutes forward, I saw a black cat screaming, passing through the front of my car.

I did not pay much attention to the cat and went towards the cafe. Inside the cafe, I saw a girl stood in a corner of the cafe. With that girl's long hair I found out that she is Priya. I take a bouquet of flowers in my hand and went towards her.

When she looked at me, I felt like a angel came to me. She was looking more beautiful than pictures. We both spent a lot of time. At the time, while talking, my attention suddenly turned towards the outside. As soon as I looked outside the glass window, that black cat was standing and he/she was looking at us.

His eyes were glowing red. I felt something strange, again looked a black cat. But in  spending time with Priya,  i did not pay any attention on other things. It was quite late when I came out from the cafe. Priya said that she will go home with a taxi.

But I insisted that i would not let her go so late in the night, and I would drop in her house. She finally listened to me and we both went towards house. Shortly thereafter Priya's house came.

Priya went by saying me bye I was about to start my car in that I saw Priya left her purse in car. I took the purse and went on priya's house and rang the door bell.

The door opened by an old man. Before I could speak to him, my eyes went to a picture on the wall.

When I asked the person who's picture it was, he said that, this is the picture of my daughter Priya. Three years ago, while driving on the road, a black cat appeared in front of her car and in the affair to save the cat, Priya's car had excident, and she died.

I was surprised to hear this and leave there without knowing about it.As soon as I was went in front of my car, I saw that priya was there.Her eyes was shining and she was speaking to me ' Do you not return my purse'.

3. Scary Stories

Jackle Eating Alive Girl

This incident happened on 7th January 2007. On that day, I was in my uncle's last journey. I had at come with my father. My uncle was a big business man. All of us were shocked because of his sudden death.

My father was suspicious that he was murdered, because there was a lot of quarrel between him and his son about the property. But my father did not have strong evidence so he kept quiet.

After the uncle's last visit, we wanted to go home, because my mother was alone at home. That's why my father and I got out of there by car, but then suddenly a black cat passed in front of our car.

It is believed that if a black cat passed in front of you then it is inauspicious. But we had to go to our house in any condition so we did not pay much attention to it.

Our house was about 25 kilometers away, so dad took a shortcut route to go home quickly. But in my mind there were bad thoughts about that cat. Does something really inauspicious if the cat passes through the way?

I thought that talk to my father about this but I was feeling that dad's mood is a bit off, so I did not say anything to him. I removed all those things from my mind and  started listening music by putting headphones in my ears.

It was about 9:00 o'clock in the night, we were late to reach home. I said to my father' Dad how long it would take to reach our house.' Dad said that it will take about an hour to reach us home.

After some distance,I saw some jackals on the road, eating somebody's meat. We thought that any wild animal might have died, so all jackles are eating it together.

We ignore it and move forward. But after some distance we got to see the same scene again. We felt a little strange what this is happening.

My father slowing down the car and started going to them. After we got close to their, our mind blow away, what we saw.

The jackles, whose meat they were eating were a alive girl. Seeing that sight my throat was dry. My father understood that it would not be good to stay here for a long time.

Papa started the car and started driving fast.I was trembling with fear and mind was chanting the name of God. I was watching from inside the car that someone is following us or not.

When I looked at my father, his whole body was trembling, and sweating was also coming out. At that time we both were not in a condition to talk. We just had to get home early.

Dad was driving so fast that we reached home in half an hour. We never imagined that one day we would get to see such a scenario.

4. Scary Stories

Dumas Beach

On the morning of 4th January 2003, Ritesh and his friends had an incident that they remember till date. At that time, Rithesh was working in an IT company in Surat.

The year 2002 was about to end and to celebrate the New Year, ritesh made plans to go along with his friends to Dumas Beach.

On the evening of 31st, rithesh reached a resort near Dumas Beach with his friends, where the New Year party was going on. By offering some money to the resort's staff, they also had arranged drinks for themselves.

After the party in the resort, rithesh, along with his friends, go to Dumas Beach to sit along the sea.

The resort's waitress forbade him to go to Dumas Beach, but they did not listen to the waitress and went to Dumas Beach. While sitting at the Dumas Beach, the three were talking to each other for a glass drink in their hands.

Dumas was completely deserted and except for those three there was no one else far away. But in a while, Ritesh's friend Ravi was seen to see somebody who was slowly coming to him. His face was blurry and seemed to be a projection.

When Rabi told this to both of his friends, he did not see anything else and they both started making fun of him. Ritesh said that he has drunk more and you should not drink more now.

Ravi was quite sure that something was strange and he was constantly looking at the woman with that dull face.

Suddenly, the women came to him and crossed his body. Ravi seemed to be quite uneasy at all, and he started dizzying and sat down.

Ritesh gave him water but the condition of Rabi was getting worse. His body was getting hot and was shivering from the cold.

They decided to walk back to the resort but Rabi was not in the condition of walking. Ritesh asked his second friend Punit to fetch water medicines and jackets from the resort.

As soon as Punit went there, Ritesh heard the voice of someone crying. When he saw a woman sitting on the shore, she was crying down her face. He also understood that it is not possible to stay on the beach for a long time.

He trembled with fear and proceeded to raise Rabi. As soon as Ritesh pulled Ravi, Ravi stopped shaking and pushed Ritesh very strongly. There was a strange glow in Ravi's eyes. He looked towards Rithesh with anger, which gave Riteish a lot of fear.

In this case, Puneet also reached there with the staff of the resort. Ravi shouted out loudly at them all and seeing this, some resorters scared him by burning a fire and tied it after a lot of efforts. Rabi screamed loudly for a while and then fell down unconscious.

Ravi was taken to the nearby hospital early in the morning. He realized that he had a 107 degree fever.

Staying in the hospital for two days, he got cured. But he does not remember anything about the incident. But Ritesh and Puneite Never forgot this accident.

(This story is collected from a youtube channel Khooni Monday)

5. Scary Stories

Promise Of My Wife

I loved my wife very much. She is my life. I still remember that day when I was returning home with my wife after enjoying the new year party. I was very happy with my wife. The night of the new year was also our first anniversary night.

"I am very lucky that I got a wife like you You have come into my life and have made my life more happier, so promise me that you will never leave me.

Yes, I promise you that I will never leave you. "

Then suddenly a truck came and we were excident. In that accident my wife died.

But this story does not end there. After her death, i became very depressed. But after a few days, it started to be quite strange with me. There was a lot of pain on my shoulder, it seemed like there was a burden on my shoulder.

It was happening for almost a long time, I felt a lot of pain on my shoulders and neck. I thought what all this is happening with me.

One day while working in the office, my friend Anuj came to her. He invited me to his house party. I have also said to go to the party. Before going to party I thought that once I went to the doctor. Because the pain of my shoulder and neck was increasing day by day.

I took leave from the office and went straight to the doctor. Doctor checked me and told me to stand on the waving machine. My weight was showing a lot more than of my actual weight. I'm quite surprised.

Then the doctor said that maybe the wedding machine will have a problem because you can not get too much weight. After this the doctor gave me some medicines.

After that I went to my friend's party. Everyone was enjoying there in the party, but I was very sad and was doing a lot of pain on my shoulders and neck.

We were enjoying a lot and took photos too. After the party ended we all went to our own house. Next day, I was sitting in my office, only then my friend's call came.

He told me, 'Virat is very strange in the party yesterday. I'm sending some photos to you. you need to see this first. He sent me all the photos of that party and I was surprised to see, what I saw.

I saw in the photo that my wife had a sat on my shoulder. His face was soaked with blood and eyes were big. Seeing her, I remembered her promise that night she said that she will never leave me.

6. Scary Stories

Fort Of Rajasthan

A fort of Rajasthan in which people believed that there was an evil soul on that fort. Two friends Shiva and Vishu thought, why did not we remove the curtain from this superstition that there is no such thing as ghosts?

Two friends Sid And Vishu made a plan to roam in that fort and told each other to come in the evening. The two friends planned that we would meet here at 7:00 in the evening and go in.

It was at 7:00 in the evening and Vishu reached there but sid did not come yet. He waited for some time but the Sid has not yet come. He wanted to call him but there was no network there.

Vishnu thought that as long as his friend came in, he would go inside and found out that there is a ghost in the fort or not. So he started going upwards and then suddenly someone called him from behind. When he looked back, he saw his friend sid stood under a tree.

On seeing Sid, he asked him why you came so late. I have been waiting for you since. But sid told him that let's go to fort fast.Vishnu was angry and annoyed by thinking that Sid did not answer his question.

But he thought that there will be no benefit by quarrel at this time. We walk quickly inside the fort and find out if there is anything really or not. And both of them went inside the fort. Sid went to the roof and Vishu was roaming down.

It was very dark all around but suddenly Vishu heard the voice of someone crying. Vishu was walking down, so he called his friend. But Sid did not respond to his voice. He thought that Sid might have gone roaming around.

He thought that I would call sid later and he started going in the direction from which the voice of someone's crying was coming. On the go, a message comes suddenly on his mobile.

This message was from Sid And it was written in that message that,' Vishu, I can not come today because my mother sent me to the market with neighborhood's aunt. I tried a lot of times but your phone was out of network coverage, so I sent you a message. Do not know when this message will reach to you. But i promise, we will go to that fort tomorrow, please do not get angry.'

After reading this message, the phone fell by the hands of vishu, he was thinking that he was with whom he had come inside the fort, who was he? Only then does Sid come in front of him.

Sid laughing at Vishu. Vishu knew that he was not Sid. It was a soul with whom he came in the fort. Vishu did not think anything else and started runing from there.

While running, he felt that one hand was coming fast to catch him. He started chanting of god. On some distances he saw two three fishesherman.

He fell as soon as he went to them. He told all the story to them. They watered him and left him in his house. But even today, he never dared to go to that palace.

7. Scary Stories

Do Not Turn Back, Otherwise Your Death Is Fixed

One night I was going to the bus stand from my village along with my friend on the dark night in the field. So my friend said, "Come on, Let's go quickly."

There is a problem from this field to the next two fields "so I asked what's the matter. So he touted the talk again and again, but when i pressured him, he told the full story.

Many years ago a man was passing through these villages from his village on the night. On the way, he stopped under a tree to urinate. After that when he started to walk as soon as he heard a child crying.

He thought that the night guard would have a child, but only then remembered that this farm is Ramsar uncle, who died three years ago by hanging here.

The man was moving ahead in fear and remembering the words of those people in his mind that when going through this farm, do not turn back on the night, if ask some way, do not see his eyes and feet, no matter how he force to say, do not listen him.

By thinking in mind, the condition of that man became very bad and started thinking that, why he did not think of all this before coming here.

As he progressed, the child's voice became faster, and it seemed like that child was walking with him. Then suddenly he saw that the child is crying lying in the swing of a tree.

So frightened he shouted and said, whose baby it is, but no response came and he went ahead with fear.

But after listening to the crying of the child, he did not stay calm and when he looked back, he saw that the baby was behind him in the swing. Mercy on that child, he started raising the child in the lap and ran away.

After a while, he felt that child weights seem to be increase and he saw that his feet were tall and touching the ground, he was terrified and dropped that baby.

As soon as the child falls on his lap, the child laughs loudly like a big man, "You survived today, if my feet touched the ground, you would not save here today, your death was fixed."

The person went to the house falling down and became unconscious when he got conscious then he told the villagers all this story.

8. Scary Stories

Ghost In College 

No one can tell when it will happen in this world with whom it can happen. One such incident happened to us too.

I had taken a new admission in college at that time.The college was new so my mind was more on college. Because I loved making new friends. But such an accident would be with us, we did not even think in the dream.

I had even made two friends in the college and we were all of the same stream. My house was near the college so I did not take so much time to come to college.

The weather was not good on that day and it was also raining. So me and my friends were playing carrom in the boys common room. We thought that after the rain is over, we will go home. But the rain was not stop.

I told my friend that tonight you stay at my house because his house was very far away from the college and my house was nearby so I told them to stop.

They agreed on my point of view. Other students had gone home, only me and my two friends were on college. After about 1 hour the rain stopped. We got out of the college.

While leaving college, one of my friends Ravi saw a girl on the top of the college. The darkness was so much that he could not see the face of the girl.

He told us that there is a girl above the stair, maybe she could not go home because of rain. We thought how this girl was stuck for so long. I told my friend Ravi that go and talk to that girl what she is doing there.

As soon as Rabi went up, he started shouting. When we heard the sound of his shouting, we both started running upwards. When we reached the top, we saw that Rabi was unconscious.We did not know why he was unconscious.

We put water sprinkles on his face to bring him to the senses. But even then he did not get conscious. We raised him on our shoulder and started taking him to my house. It was going on in my mind that why Ravi was unconscious and who was the girl from which Rabi went to talk. But where did this girl disappear?

When I was thinking about it, then suddenly I saw the shadow of a girl in the window. It seemed to me that she was watching us. I understand that there is something strange happening here.

I was very scared at that time. I told my another friend that let's go quickly from here. My body was trembling very badly and my friend Ravi who was unconscious also had his body was cold.

When we took Ravi to my house, Ravi had sensed. He told us that when he went up, someone pushed him and slapped him a lot. From his point we realized that there is a soul in that place. We thank God that we were saved that night.

9. Scary Stories

Scary Elevator

This story is from Visakhapatnam. We lived in Naval Colony. The name of our building was Kaveri. There was a rumor that there is a ghost in the lift.

In fact, a woman had committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor. Since then, people had said that the ghost of that lady is seen in the elevator.

Our house was on the third floor. Well I did not have much faith in the ghost thing but still I was afraid to go to the lift at night. Well I did not even need a lift.

One day I was returning home with my frien. He lived in the same building. At that time the night was 9.00 p.m. We were afraid to go from the lift.

But we did not want to show each other that we were scared, so we got into the lift. The lift reached the third floor, the door opened half and then closed itself. Lift started to go up. We tried to stop the lift, but no button was working.

Lift went to the top floor and then came to the bottom floor. It happened seven and eight times and then the lift stopped on the 14th floor. The elevator door opened itself. We were very scared. We quickly ran out of the elevator and ran down and entered our house.

Everyone asked me why I am breathing heavily. Then I made a false pretext that I have come running with my friend. After that day, I never used lift in the day.

10. Scary Stories

Mysore Trip

Friends, my name is Keshvi and I am from Maharashtra. This is a true incident happening with me when I was study in class X. Our school organised a program for us to roam Mysore.

We was called that school at 10 a.m. that day. Our school had organized a 12 bus for that trip. Our bus was standing at the end. We were all friends in the bus.

In a while, bus got off to Mysore. We were singing, humming, laughing all the way. We had to go through a dense forest on the way. No person was seen far away from that road.

As i passed through that path, I started feeling weird. While passing through the road, our bus suddenly got punctured in the middle of the forest. Our bus had to be stopped. Our madam told us to get down from the car. All our friends got down from the car.

Our Miss told Miss in the other cars that our bus is punched, you guys do not wait, we will take some time to change the tire.

After landing down the driver told us that there is a small restaurant at a distance of 200 meters from here. All of you go there and take a break of tea, by then I change the bus tire. Our madam was standing near the bus and we had fifty-five girls walking on foot.

That forest was so dense that only the voices of wild beasts were heard. Everyone reached there. The old man was making tea on that restaurant. Seeing him, I felt like a dizziness and I lifted my eyesight. We all drank tea there.

Even in a short while there was a loud voice of any woman screaming. Me and my friends were frightened by hearing such a voice. Then the old man lame and ran away to the forest. Then one of my friends started vomiting, we immediately called a call to Madam but the phone was telling us out of reach.

All the girls reached the place where the bus was standing. When we reached there, there was no bus. We all were scared badly and we all went to the same place. The old man also came back and told us that such screams often come in this forest and I do not find anyone in the forest.

When we listened to the old man we were scared more and suddenly our bus came and we all sat in the bus. We asked Madam that where the bus had disappeared.

So Madam said that the tire was changed but had gone to the rear petrol pump to fill the diesel. As soon as we heard this, we breathed a lot of relief. All my friends started saying bye bye that old man.

After going a bit far away, I looked back and saw that the restaurant was torn. I screamed loudly and told the driver everything and the driver stoped the bus and went back to the restaurant.

When we got down from the bus, the restaurant was destroyed completely, but the old man was missing and nothing was seen.

All of us sit in bus and went towards Mysore. I was looking at the back side of the bus and only then I saw that the woman wearing a white sari is standing near the tree of that restrorant.

The bus driver told me that there are always some strange happenings in this forest which no one knows the reality. We reached safely in Mysore.

11. Scary Stories

Scary Shadow

Dhara Sharma, who lives in the Ashpura , had a new marriage recently. Only 2-4 days after marriage, husband Dilip had to go to Dubai for a week from office work. Let's talk about my experience -

One night when he was alone in his room, then suddenly his TV started running, so that he was shocked. They immediately got up and stopped the TV. And started trying to sleep again.

After a while, she realized that someone lying on the bed next to her. Sudden tv's switch ON itself and then to realize the presence of someone, it was enough to scare the lonely lady in the house. She did not understand what to do.

In order to convince herself, she thought that she might be in vain. But after a while, she felt the same again as someone was suppressing the mattress of a bed, and lying next to someone making a noise. From this realization Dhara tremble with fear. She could not understand what all this is happening.

She raised her courage and got up from the bed and looked backwards, but there was no one but. When her eyes fell on the mattress, her throat dried up. The mattress was pressed downwards. And it seemed like someone had been lying on it. Now she wanted to shout, but she was not able to shout with horror and fear.

The heartbeat became very fast In panic, Dhara picked up the pillow and thrown it to the place where the mattress was suppressed.

By doing so, the mattress came upwards and got cured. And Dhara felt that a shadows from there rose up quickly. After this there was no stir for about 30 minutes. Then Dhara got some courage and she called her mother-in-law, sleeping in the next room.

His mother-in-law came into the room and ask what happened? Now before Dhara said something, she again saw something like this that saw her senses flowing.

Dhara saw that the shadow of a young lady was standing behind her mother-in-law. Her eyes were black and her height was as high as the roof of the room. Seeing this horrible sight, Dhara fell unconscious there. And that night she had admitted to the hospital.

The doctor said that she had complained of low blood pressure due to fear. Dhara's in-laws are not willing to leave the house. Therefore, Dhara still live today in her in-law's house.

What was the reason behind this horrific incident: There was a marriage before Dhara's husband Dilip, and on the other hand, there was a case of death for poisoning his first wife in the greed of dowry. Due to slander, Dilip moved to his new home with his mother while his father was still caring for the old house.

Dhara's family members did not know this thing before marriage. But after this horrific incident, when Dhara narrated the incident to Dilip, he opened the first wife's secret.

Although he had said that he did not kill his wife by poisoning, rather she had taken her life by eating poison herself. The case still hangs in the court.

12. Scary Stories

Highway Witch

Jignesh, who lived in Surat, was coming to Jamnagar from Surat with car in the days of Nabratati last year. His friend deepak was also coming along with him. Due to two o'clock at night, the road was quite deserted.

The car was running at a speed of 70 km, and there was a loud music playing in the car. Then suddenly, a beautiful woman was pointing out to lift about 100 meters away from the car.

Jignesh was driving while the Deepak was sitting beside him. Seeing the woman Jignesh started slowing down the car. On this, Deepak told him that nowadays the vehicle is being looted by stopping the vehicle in this manner on this highway. So you do not stop the car.

But Jignesh was not belived, he went to the woman and stopped the car.

"Where to go to you", Jignesh asked

"Jamnagar", the woman replied.

Jignesh sat her on the back seat.

For a while, everything was normal, but after a sudden, they heard the voice of that woman laughing. When Deepak turned then he screamed that the girl who was sitting on the back seat of his car was actually a witch.

Her face was covered with her long hair. Among whom her glowing eyes were visible. Her nails were long like a knife and her body had hair like men.

Jignes immediately stoped the car and started running by jumping off the car. Deepak also tried to do the same, but even with lots of effort, the door of his side is not open. After some time, when Jignesh reached near the car with some villagers, the car was parked there only.

After this incident no one knew where Deepak was on. Jignesh also suddenly fell ill after a few days and died.

In the police investigation, it was found that there is such an event happening around that day every year in that area. No one has understood the reason for this.

13. Scary Stories

Shimla's Cursed Hospital

Shimla town, famous for its unimaginable beauty and nature. Every night there is such a horrific event, which makes it difficult sometimes to survive.

Residents of Shimla now have a habit of living in such an environment. Whenever a person comes out of the house at night, they feels that, do not know what will happen to them.

There are many places in Shimla where there is a feeling of supernatural forces, where there is something terrible happening every day. Here are many ghost places, which we are going to tell you about.

Himachal's largest hospital 'Indira Medical Hospital, is located in Shimla. There is a lot of fear among the people about that hospital. They believes that people who come back after getting their treatment from this hospital, they die soon.

People believe that even after coming back properly, every person dies every week. It is believed that the people who died in this hospital are still living in this hospital.

This hospital is considered to be cursed and there are people who come to get their treatment here, every time they feel that someone else seems to be around them. While there is no other there. People of Shimla have now become convinced that there is something that is not right here.

People have heard strange voices here, who call them by their names. So sometimes someone pushes them and stops their path between the stairs. Sometimes incidents such as getting stuck the elevator and suddenly running, as well as the screaming of someone in the crackling voices have become commonplace.

14. Scary Stories 

Kulbhata Witch

Kulbhata is in the desert area of ​​Rajasthan. Now this village is completely barren and ruined. Earlier it was not like that.

This village was settled about 250 years ago. Where people used to live. But something happened that forced the people here to leave Kulbhata. After all what had happened?

The witch of a Kalo is considered to be the destruction of Kulbhata. It is said that this witch had kept her terror in the village. The witch Kulbhata killed young girls and sacrificed her, so that she would become immortal.

Due to this, the villagers refused to leave their girls out of the house. But still the villagers were troubled by this witch. Then these people called an priest and caught the witch and buried her in the same sandy desert.

But the real trouble was going to start now. After killing Kalo and burying her, she returned back to the village. And this time she became more fearful, for whom no one could kill her. And she started to get its revenge from the villagers. Fear of that, the villagers evacuated Kulbhata in a single day and left from there.

And even today 250 years later Kulbhata is one of the scary places. It is said that even today, Kalo is wandering in here in the same barren place in Kulbhata. And whoever goes there, no one comes back. Now that place has become so scary that every path going there has been closed and Kulbhata is still deserted.

(This story is collected from a youtube channel Khooni Monday)

15. Scary Stories


A person named Ashok, whose village was in a Kasbi area of ​​eastern Uttar Pradesh. By the way, he used to work in Delhi. It was a long year since he was away from home. That's why he came home with a vacation.

This area was inhabited between the extremely deserted and dense bushes. And between these dense bushes was often silent during the evening. Ashok had a habit of sleeping on the roof since childhood, and after growing up, whenever he went to the village, he slept on the open roof of his house.

But sleeping on the roof on a night proved costly as it was the night when he faced a shadow which came to him with the intention of harm, but because of Ashok's insight, he could not even make his hair .

But sleeping on the roof one night proved to be very bad for him. Because it was the night when he faced a shadow that came to him with the intention of harm, but because of Ashok's insight, that evil power could not do anything to him.

It was around 1:00 clock in the night that suddenly a voice broke Ashok's sleep. He got up from his couch and went to the roof and look around. A little while, he saw a shadow going from his house. It was a small town area, he thought that someone might have come out of his house. He went back and lay on the couch.

He heard some voice again but this time the voice was coming from a little closer. He got up again and looked down from the ceiling.

He saw a shadow near his house, but the scary thing was that he was only a shadow, his body was not there. In this he heard the sound of climbing on the stairs with a very fast pace.

In less than 1 minute, shadow was standing in front of his eyes. Its hands and feet were nothing, if anything, then it was just a white shadow which gradually grows towards Ashoka.

It is said that goodness is used to end the evil, so in order to save himself from that shadow, Ashoka started chanting God Mantra at that time.

He continued to chant this for 5 minutes and that shadow kept coming to him. Suddenly the shadow disappeared. Where did the shadow come from, and where it was disappeared , I did not know anything. But seeing this shadow, my body was trembling completely.

16. Scary Stories 

A Scary Ghost In Under Water

This is not a fictional story or a movie story, but it is a true story. I was on the picnic from the company. The picnic was in a resort outside the city.

The people of the company played first cricket and other games, then went to a water park built in resorts. There were only some people who came to swim. Some of those people swiming in deep water. The rest were swimming less deep water.

We got a bet in friends that a coin in the water will be dropped and who will first find it, he will be declared the winner. Everyone jumped into the water one by one, but no one got the coin. The next turn was mine. I also jumped, but the scene changed as i went into the water.

I found that the land was 20 or 25 feet away. A graveyard was visible below! There was a woman who was not looking at Indian face and dress. She had the same coin in his hand.

She stood upwards his hand. It seemed as that she had just come there to give me the coin. Like I was going forward in her hypnosis.

In a few moments I was close to him and I took the coin with his hand. As soon as I started coming back, she grabbed my hand and pulled it towards me. Now his face and my face was face to face. In one moment his face changed and took a terrible look.

Blood was coming out with her eyes and there was a terrible smile on her face. There was no limit to my fear. I shocked with fear. I jerked my hand from her hand.

Both the cemeteries and women disappeared as soon as I was released and I found myself in the pool.I felt as that I was awaked from a dream.

Soon after coming out of the water, i went away and sat down. My breath was blossoming and I was coughing. My friends started helping me.

In a while I was normal. Everyone was asking what happened. I just shouted and answered nothing. When I opened my fist, the coin was in my hand. Seeing this, my friend jumped happily and started congratulating me. Friends again bet, but I did not go to the water again.

It was evening, we were about to go, we some people went out to drink juice! My friends were joking and laughing loudly! An uncle standing in front of us was listening carefully and joking between the middle! I was standing quietly.

One of my friends jokingly asked, 'Why am I silent since then, did i see any ghost in the water?' Hearing this, Uncle said in a funny manner that there used to be a graveyard in the time of British time, he must have seen the ghost of a white man. They started to laugh at all but I was convinced that what I saw was not my dream.

17. Scary Stories 

That Old Women

My name is Kailash and I am a resident of Chandigarh. The story that I am going to tell you today is one of the most horrifying stories of my life.

I went to a marriage party with my wife, my father and my son. After the party was over, we were returning home with my car. My father had diabetes and his health was also not good. That's why we took a shortcut path quickly to get home and to take him to the doctor.

I did not know much about that path. That's why I started tracing my home location with the help of google map and going to my house.

When I was turning on the shortcut path, I saw an old woman who was staring us at the side of the road. We thought that there would be some crazy woman or someone else would be choosing woods in the woods from their work. I jokingly told him that,  ' look, one day you too, like this old lady you will go to the forest and collect wood.

We were coming back in doing such a joke, because my father was an diebaties patience and at that time his mood was a bit off. So we were joking to fix his mood.

So that he also like to hear our joke and his moods are a bit better. We were very far away. It was almost an hour before. According to Google Map, we were around 20 kilometers from the house.

That's when i saw an old lady  is running in front of my car. I suddenly stoped the car. When I stopped the car there was no woman there. I thought that she might have left behind, so I got down from the car and started looking around. It was surprising that no old lady were seen on there.

The question was raised in my mind whether I have really seen any woman or all of this would be the delusion of my eyes. My wife said, 'What has happened, I did not tell her anything and went back in my car and started driving.

When I was driving, I felt like a black shadow was going from the top of my car. It happened about three or four times. I saw a shadow was going faster on the road.

Then my wife said that dad's health is worsening. When I looked back to my Dad, he was breathing heavily. I started driving fast so that I could go to the hospital soon enough.

There were strange things happening with me, sometimes two to three crows came in front of my car and sometimes a black shadow followed. Now I was feeling a bit awkward. I started feeling that there is something wrong something here.

I started driving faster  and After some distance, a turn came. As soon as I turned the car, the old woman was standing in front of me was whom I had seen before.

I tried to stop the car immediately but the car was in speed so it was difficult to stop. That's why I hit the car's hand brake by which the car slipped and fell into a slope.

Some people brought us to the hospital. As soon as I was conscious, I was surprised by what I saw. The old woman had stood near the door and along with my father was also.

I was not able to understand that all this is happening. Then that bad woman and my father  disappeared. I thought maybe it would be my dream or illusion. The doctor told me that at the time when our accident happened, my father had died, and my wife and children were safe. But my wife's one hand was broken.

I kept crying for about 1 hour after hearing this. I was cursing my luck that suddenly what happened with us. was that accident was done by that old lady. Has he taken the life of my father? It was a series of questions in my mind. All these things were circulating in my mind.

After about 1 month later, I started to find out about this area. On finding, I came to know that there were many more accidents had happened in this area. People say that a old women was died in an accident in this area, and after the death of that old woman there is an incident happening every month there.

18. Scary Stories 

He Used To See The Soul All The Time But

People who do not believe in such things as ghosts do not believe that there are some otherworldly powers in the human world which are very difficult to understand. For them, all this is just a figment and fictional fact, which is used only as entertainment.

In such a case, obviously, that person will surely have some arrangements to find out the truth and maybe in those arrangements, he should also see that which he could never think about. Something similar happened with a man living in Tasmania, Australia.

There were strange happenings with this man all the time, whenever he was in the house, it seemed that he was guarded by spirits around him.

Every time there were strange voices coming from the kitchen of the house, he was convinced that there is something that is hidden from his eyes at all times.

To find a solution to this problem, he took out a trick that helped him to think that his dilemma would end. But who knew this would be a new beginning for her troubles?

He fit the spy camera into his kitchen and did not tell his 16-year-old son anything about it. In this house the man lived with his son.

He put the camera in the kitchen and planned to see his footage two days later. The man had thought that in this footage, those souls or incidents would have been imprisoned which they could not be seen with open eyes.

Although this purpose was complete, the unseen incidents were seen in the footage, but that undiscovered would be so shocking that the person would never have thought.

It is notable that in that footage, he saw his 16-year-old son having sex with his 28-year-old girlfriends. The girlfriends of that man had been in relation with him for the past 11 years. The Supreme Court of Australia convicted her girlfriends 5 times for having sex with a minor and also directed  to take strict action against her.

19. Scary Stories

A Man Without Head

To say we are living in a modern era, 2019. It's just a matter of science. Here's a ghost thing is called superstition. I used to think like that, but after an incident my thinking changed slightly.

It was difficult for everyone to live because of the summer of June. We were all ninihal for a few days.

Where I had some good memories! But this time it was not so. I did not believe in what I saw. In the village there was a rumored to see the man of a shredded man. But we did not believe these things.

One afternoon I sat on the banks of the river! The cold breeze of warmth in the summer was different! I was getting a light sleep. Then someone came and sat down and started talking to me. I started talking to him in half sleep.

He talked about my past in things and then when I saw him, my breath stopped! His head was not. In one moment all my sleep went away and that person also disappeared. I ran from there and came home straightaway.

That day my health also got worse. What I saw maybe that could be my dream as I was in half sleep. But whenever I remember the event my heart trembles.

20. Scary Stories 

Burnt Girls

People are shivering when they hear the name of this tunnel near Ontario Niagara Falls of Canada.

The tunnel was constructed in 1900 right below the Grand Railway Lines and the purpose of this tunnel was to use the flow of water from the area to be used for irrigation of nearby fields. 16 feet high and 125 feet long. The story of this tunnel can shake anyone.

A lot of time had passed since the tunnel was constructed and everything was going smoothly and fairly. But suddenly one day there was a painful accident that changed everything.

The population was very low around this tunnel, hence the water was not flowing here at all times. When the water was so full, the tunnel was used at that time.

There were many accidents in this tunnel but an accident was so that the city of Ontario has not been able to recover till date.

It is a matter of time when there was no water flow in this tunnel. The father and daughter used to live in a house near this tunnel.The wind's direction was very sharp and it was just around and just darkness.

The girl was alone in the house and was sleeping in the rear room. Suddenly a fire broke out in that house and took the whole house in its grip in a few moments.

The girl tried to get out of the house but by then her clothes were caught by fire. To save herself, she ran towards Tunnel. But there was no water during the tunnel.

Because of the burning sensation, she  shouting, her scream was very terrible and painful, and many people gathered there, but no one saved that girl, and after that the girl had died here.

Apart from this, another girl died here due to the same burn. People say that some miscreants raped a girl in this tunnel and burned the girl alive to hide her crime. Her shrieks were narrated to the surrounding areas.

In the morning when people arrived in that tunnel, the body of the girl was lying there, and from then on till today, there is a similar smell of burning of the body as it used to come earlier.

Local people say that if someone lights the place then the soul of those girls harasses her.

It is said that when a clean worker went inside to clean the tunnel, as soon as he lit a match, a terrible scream started to resonate in that tunnel and that employee saw something crawling like a lizard on the wall just above his head. Her face was burnt. After this incident the man was saved but his mental balance got worse.

Scary Stories

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