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Romance Stories:

Are you looking for Romance Stories or Romantic Stories ❤️ ?.. If yes, then you have come to the right place. 

In today's post, we have bring some exciting romance stories, those who read you will surely remember your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Romance Stories

Here you will see three romance stories

1. Memorable Kiss  💋
2. Her Red Lipstick 💄
3. She Kissed Me Without My Permission 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

3 Best Romance Stories

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1. Memorable Kiss ( Romance Stories)

Romance Stories

I had a breakup with my boyfriend in the Valentines day. The reason was that he only meant of my dad's property. But I wanted a boy who always loved me and care me.

But nowadays, it was difficult to get such a boy. I left everything on God, he would surely find a good boy for me.

After the breakup, I joined the office of my father. My dad was the owner of a software company. In the office, I became friends with many people but one of them was this boy, who did not talk to any girl.

I did not know that he was shy or he was scared to talk to a girl. He was handsome enough to see and had a fair face.

At first glance, I started to like him. I thought that he came new in the office and that's why he is not talking to anyone, may be he will start talking after a few days. By thinking this I started to do my work.

We were working on a project on our group. We had to complete that project by Monday and so our group had to come to work in the office on sunday. That boy was also in our group.

At around 1:30 pm, all the group members went canteen to eat. But that boy, me and my close friend were doing work in the office. After the arrival of those people, we will all go canteen to eat food.

After finishing the little work, I thought that I should go and talk to him, because my mind was getting attracted to him. I went to him and sat down near to him and started talking to him on the pretext of office work.

He was very smart and his voice was so sweet was that my heart got hit on him. We talked for a long time. We also did lunch together. In our first meeting we had become a good friend.

That day we both spent a lot of time together. I also felt like he was getting attracted to me.At around 8 o'clock in the night all the office staff went to their own home.

After leaving all the office staff, me and my best friend and the boy were working together. Because I had to give a presentation to monday, so I stayed in the office.

I said to the security that you give me the keys, it will take a lot of time to go, you go at home. By asking him, I took the key of the office. I ordered food from swiggy for us.

At about 9 o'clock, my best friend went to her home. At around 9.30 the work was over. Apart from both of us there was nobody else in that office.

I went Washroom to wash my hands and face. Someone had droppedhampoo on the floor, that's why my foot slipped and i fell down on ground.

I started shouting with pain. When he heard the sound of shouting, he came running to me. He lifted me on his lip and sat on a chair. I felt his smell for the first time.

I do not know what perfume was. But I was feeling that there was a scenes of film going on with both of us. More pain than feet was happening now on my heart.

By laying me on the chair, he started putting ointment on my feet. I started to care like this, as if it was my boyfriend. He was taking care of me like this, as if he was my boyfriend.

Then I was feeling as that God has sent him for me. My mind was repeatedly wanting to hug him. He looked at my eyes by putting the ointments on my legs. I also started looking at his eyes. In his eyes A glowingness of love were in for me.

He grabbed my hand and sat down on the ground with his knees. It seemed as though he would propose to me now. Slowly he started coming towards me.

Seeing his coming towards me, my breath started flowing. I also wanted that he kiss me too. My heart was throbbing loudly. I asked him what he was doing.

He put his finger on my lips and told me to tell you do you like me. I shook my head and said yes. Then he said that since he has seen me, he likes me from the same day. I am very happy to hear this.

He did not say anything to me, now there was a silence between us and he started coming closer to me. His hot breath and my breath began to talk to each other. In one moment this feeling started attracting me more. I started titillate my hand on his forehead and then his lips touch my lips.

He started to kissing me. At that time I was finding it difficult to control myself. I was feeling like my juvenility is blooming with new peeping. I had a Jelly Bam on my lips whose smell and sweetness he liked and he began to kiss me more hardly. It seemed that he would eat my lips.

For about 10 minutes, we continued to love each other. His body was sticking to my body at that time and there was a fire in our body, as if someone had put petrol on a dry wood and put it on fire.

His touching and kissing was straining me. I was happy that day and he propose me the next day. There will be few girls who will have kissed their partner before coming to relation. However, I had found my real love.

- Biprojit Deb

2. Her Red Lipstick ( Romance Stories )

Romance Stories

After the breakup, I hated all the girls. Although this was common thing. I did not sleep at night. Her memory was persuading me. To distract my mind, I started flirting with some girls on Facebook.

I was not like that before, but at that time I was doing all this to forget my grief. Talking to a girl, I felt like she was impressed with me too. I took her phone no and asked her too meet at 6 p.m the next day. She agreed to me.

After meeting her that day it came to know that some days before a boy had brakeup with her. The sadness of both of us was the same. I told her " Whatever had to happen, it has happened. Forget all the things that happened with you before. Today you and me will spend good time together with each other."

By saying this, I caught her hand and started walking. After going a bit, I saw a deserted area. There was darkness on all sides. People were on the road so we decided to go there so that no one could see us.

I caught his hand as soon as I went into the dark. She also brought my hand to her waist. I first hugged her tightly. She too caught me tightly. I felt like I was sleeping on a soft bed.

There was a different experience in the body. Then i kissing her throat. Her whole body was rising upwards like someone set a fire. Then she kissed 💏 me so much that my cheek and lips were red from the red color of her lipstick. She gave me the full permision to touches her body.

That night we enjoyed a lot in that street. she was very happy after spending time with me. Now the love between us increased and we decided that we both would get married. So we got married on 7 feb 2017. On the wedding night, we loved ❤️ each other more than that night.

- Biprojit Deb

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3. She Kissed Me Without My Permission ( Romance Stories )

Romance Stories

Due to bringing the best grades in college, my mother was pleased with me and she gifted me an iPhone. In the happiness of getting new mobile, I wanted to share my happiness with my friend Jay, so I went to his house.

At that time guests came to his house. Seeing me, Jay was very happy and introduced me to his guests. Her uncle, aunt and their daughter Riya. When I looked at her, my heart began to beat.

She was almost of our age and she was very beautiful, and her eyesight was enough to hurt the heart. I was so crazy at seeing her that at first sight i fall in love with her. I wanted to talk to her about my heart feelings but it was not so easy.

I was thinking about my friend. If he offended then our friendship would be broken. That's why I remained silent. I told him about my mobile and in this happiness he asked me for a party in the evening.

I was also very happy so I said yes for the party. I had noticed when we were talking, then Riya was looking at me. You all will know what happens at the heart of a boy at that time. I was ashamed. So I promised to meet him from evening and went away from there.

He came in the evening and along with his cousin Riya was also came. He told me that their family went to see the film. Riya was alone at home so that's why I brought Riya together. I said, Oh, that's a good thing. Come on let's party.

We enjoyed a lot in the party. My friend was not in a condition to walk because of more drinking in the party, so Riya and I brought him to his house with the help of our shoulder. We lay her on the bed and slept her comfortably.

Then we started interacting between both of us at the time. There was no one in the house and we both were together, I did not feel anything good about this, so i said 'good buy' to riya and and move forward to go. Then Riya grabbed my hand. When i turn at riya, Riya's eye was red.

I told her that what happened. She said nothing. Her eyes wanted to tell me something. She came to me and closed my eyes and kissed my lips. My eyes grew and she grabbed me tightly.

After two minutes she went to his room and i am also came to my house. I was thinking the whole night that is Riya really kissed me. That kiss was the first kiss of my life.

- Biprojit Deb

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Romance Stories

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