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Hey, Are you looking for love Stories and do you also like to read or hear love stories like me? If so, then today's post is for you.

Today I am going to share with you some true love stories which will grow love in your heart and i hope these love stories will impress your mind .

Below are the names of 6 love stories that you will find in this post.

1. Sohni-Mahiwal's Love Story
2. Love Between Father And His Daughter.
3. She Did Not Come Back
4. Waiting For His Yes
5. She Gave Me The Goal of My Life
6. And She Said No

True Love Stories

1. Sohni-Mahiwal's Love Story (Love Stories)

Love Stories : 

This story from the 18th century, when a girl was born in punjab. His father's name was Tula who was a Potter by profession.

This girl was named Sohni. Beautiful girls in Punjab are called Sohni. Sohni was very beautiful like her name. At the same time, a son was born in a rich trader's house in Bukhara.

This boy was named Ijtat Beg. When he grown, Izzat Beg came out to tour India. First of all, he reached Delhi. After Delhi, Izzat Beg went to Lahore.

After spending some days in Lahore, he decided to return to 'Bukhara'. While returning for 'Bukhara', he met Sohni on the way. At that time Sohni was making beautiful artworks on the hills with her father.

When Izzat Beg seen Sohni for the first time, then at the first sight he gave his heart. He stoped there and took the job of cattle feeding from the Sonhi's father.

In Punjab, buffalo feeding is called Mahia. That is why Izzat Beg became named Mahiwal. When Sohni got the news about this, she also started to love the young man Mahiwal, and both of them started met to each other.

When the father of Sohni got the news of 'Sohni Mahiwal' relationship, he removed Mahiwal from the job and got Soni married to a man from the potter community. But Sohni never accepted that relation (marriage).

After Sohni's marriage, Mahiwal started wandering around in the Disguise of Saint. When this thing came to know Sohni, she informed Mahiwal that she still loves him and will always love him.

After this, Sohni met Mahiwal every night, from Chanab river to the other side, with the help of clay pots.

When Sohni's sister-law came to know about it, then she changed the pot and put the raw pot on the place of ripe pot. At the night, when Sohni went to meet Mahiwal, in the middle river, the pot was broken due to being raw.

When Mahiwal saw his beloved Sohni drowning in the river, he also jumped into the river. Due to a fast flux in the river, both of them became submerged and the love story of both of them became immortal forever.

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2. Love Between Father And His Daughter (Love Stories)

Love Stories : 

One day a daughter asked her father, "Papa! Have you ever cried because of me ? " The reason to ask him this was because she had never seen her father crying.

In response to this question, the father said, "Yes, once such a thing happened, when I was crying for you."

The girl became very curious to know what was the matter of which caused her father was cried.

To calm this curiosity, the father began to tell the story -

"The thing is that time, when you were eight months old. One day I put three things in front of you - a pen, a coin and a toy. I wanted to know what you would pick out of those things.

Among them, Pen was a symbol of intelligence, coin was a money and toy was a symbol of entertainment.

I was doing all this because of a curiosity. It was very interesting for me to know what would be most important to my daughter? I was eagerly waiting for your next step while sitting in front of you.

I saw that you were watching those things while sitting. Then moving on to the knee, you turned towards them. When I saw you moving ahead, my heart stopped.

But in the next moment, you removed all those things from one hand and went ahead and came into my lap. This was the moment when my heart became full imotional and I was crying for you.

After hearing this anecdote, tears came in the eyes of the girl.

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3. She Did Not Come Back (Love Stories)

Love Stories : 

Every human being in the world hopes for love. I also expected and searched for the same love often on the internet. Many people have met and many have been friends.

One of these girls was also my love. Her words and her thinking so good that every time i used to think about her. Gradually we started chatting on the phone too, and one day she even told that she loves me too.

What was then, the cart of our love started running on the track. Then we began to meet each other on weekends. She also started coming to my house. Meeting with friends and coming together has begun.

Her elder sister also knew our love and her friends too. But the interruption was one thing that there was no inter-caste marriage in her family.

Whenever I told her about our marriage, she would say that when the time comes, I will talk to my family myself.

And after meeting me one day she went to her house and did not come back till today.

4. Waiting For His Yes (Love Stories)

Love Stories : 

Life changed so much in these five years but not learned to live without him. Even today, I want to go back to 5 years and enjoy the life of my life again with him. I remember all those memories. I started liking him.

One day I told him the truth of my heart. That was exactly our last meeting and after that he stopped talking to me slowly.

But still when the mind is very restless and his memories begin to haunt me, I call him but he never raises my call.

I only talked to him about my heart, yet why he went away from me. My life is incomplete without you, come back I can not forget you.

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5. She Gave Me The Goal of My Life (Love Stories)

Love Stories : 

When I was reading in the 7th class, I was in love. There was a very beautiful girl in my class. Seeing her, I found the real goal of my life.

At that time, I was very weak in studies and she used to get a good number.  I wanted to impress her in any way, so I thought I would bring a good result by reading well. From that day, I started studying and took full care of my studies.

I passed by good numbers and came first. My companions and teachers were all surprised and happy with my progress.

In the next session I made a Class Monitor I became Famous at my school. One day the girl asked for my copy and she was impressed by seeing my writing.

That's the first time we talked about that day. The next day she came 30 minutes before school time and talked to me a lot. From that day we became friends. Even after several years, I could not propose her.

When I came to know that she is from a very rich family and has a very good family, then I decided not to propose her now.

I wanted to be able to match the status of her family first, after that i should talk about my heart. That's why I left the village and went to Lucknow and got ready for NDA's preparation.

Now the goal of my life is that I will pass this test and then tell her about my heart. She gave me the goal of my life.

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6. And She Said No (Love Stories)

Love Stories : 

I want to share some happy memories of life with you. Some Haseen Memories of First Love. It's two years old from today.

I was in the final year at that time and used to do a part time job in Noida. After a few days in the same office, some new boys - girls group came.

When I saw her for the first time, I did not pay much attention. That evening, when I was going home from office, I saw her at the bus stop and she saw me. Then for a few days we continued to see each other.

I knew this thing that she comes to the office every day with her friend, whom she would wait every morning. One day I got up early in the morning and reached the bus stop before she reached.

She came in a little while. She saw me. I asked her do you knew me. She said yes you work in our office. In a little while her friend came.

This cycle continued for two months.I sometimes used to praise his eyes and sometimes his silky hair, which I liked very much.( She was just smile after hearing all this.)

I started feeling that she likes me. I was just crazy about her. One evening we were going from the office to the house.

On the way I told her the situation of my heart. She refused. She said that I do not have time for such unnecessary things.

I came home quietly. I loved true love for the first time in my life. But it was just one-sided love. Well do not matter! I left the job from there. But I have never forgotten him. It is said that the first love is never forgotten.

When she refused, I did not give much emphasis. You just tell me I did right or wrong.

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