Blood Sucker Girl - Mi Short Stories

Blood Sucker Girl

John was returning home from his friend's party at 12:00 clock in the night. The path was long and the night was too much. That's why John turned his car on such a road, so that he reach his home fast.

This route was new to John and quite deserted. There were no vehicles and people far away.

In the way jhon saw a coffee shop. Jhon thought I'd take a coffee from the coffee shop, so that I could get alert on the way.
But when he reached near the coffee shop, the sign board of 'closed' was hanging on the door.

Seeing this John was little upset sat in the car and started driving. He was driving with a speed then suddenly a girl came in front of his car.

The girl shouted loudly-  "Please stop the car, please....... Will you help me." He quickly brake and stopped the car.

My car is out of order and it has been quite a night too. Please drop me to my house - Girl Said.

The girl seemed quite worried, so John asked where your house is. So she told that her house is about 3 kilometers away from there and she has been stucked for 4 hours because of the car crash. Joan said okay no problem, you come with me, I will drop you home. The girl sat on the back seat of the car.

John asked her name first, the girl told that her name is Alena. They kept talking for a long time. Johnny told Alena that he is coming from a friend's party.

When Alena asked about the party, Jhon told that the party was very fun and the food in the party was amazing.

Alena said, I am geeting hungry too. Jhon said, yes, you must be feeling very hungry. You are waiting for 4 hours here, tell me what your mind is going to eat.

She told a scary voice 'I want to drink your blood at this time.' John's eyes grew bigger by hearing her voice and he started trembling with fear and immediately looked back in the back seat.

He saw that, there was no one in the back seat. He was trembling with a lot of fear and was breathing out of his mouth.

He pulled the phone from his pocket in the panic but his phone was dead. jhon started the car again but it was so much of awe that the car was not able to run properly.

John began to increase the speed of the car, but the path was not going to end. After some distance, John got a cafe on the side of the road.

He thought that by going to the coffee shop, he would call his home and call someone for his help. As soon as he went to near the cafe shop, his sensed fly away. This was the same cafe that he had seen 2 hours ago. John's whole body was shaking with fear.

Then suddenly he saw that same girl near the road. At that time his car suddenly out of ordern and stopped by the girl's side. That girl has not spoken anymore and she took him out of the car and started sucking his blood.

On the way John was going through that girl had died in the excident. John did not know that this area is haunted and it is forbidden to go there at night.

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