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Death Is A Truth

There was a young man named Radhe Shyam, who was a very quiet and wise person, he had a small family with his parents, wife and two children, he loved them very much.

Apart from this, he was a devotee of Lord Krishna and used to be merciful to all. He also serve all the needy and he did not hurt anyone.

Because of his qualities, Shri Krishna was very pleased with him and always lived with him and Radhey Shyam could see his Krishna and used to talk to him.

Despite this he never asked God for anything. He was always very happy because God always guided him with him, Radhey Shyam used to call Krishna as his friend and he always share his thoughts with him.

One day Radheshyam's father's health was suddenly worse and he was admitted to the hospital. He request from all the doctors to save his father, but all told him that he could not expect much, and everyone told him to believe in God.

Then Radhey Shyam got the attention of ​​Krishna and he called his Krishna. Krishna came and Radhey Shyam said, 'Friends! You are God, save my father, Krishna said - friend! It is not in my hands that if there is a time of death then nobody can stop it.

Radhey Shyam got angry at this and started fighting with Krishna, he began to feel angry, God also explained him a lot but he did not listen to him.

Then Lord Krishna told him - friend! I can help you but for this you have to do one work Radheshyam promptly asked what work? Krishna said - You! Must have a handful of grain from one house and keep in mind that nobody has ever died in that family.

Radhey Shyam got out of search and said he would knock on many doors, every house has grain, but there was no one whose family memeber had never died. Radhey Shyam did not get such a house even after wandering for two days.

Then he realized that death is an absolute truth. Everyone has to face it, no one can run away from it and he apologizes to Krishna for his behavior and decides till his father is alive, he will serve him.

After a few days Radhey Shyam's father died. It hurts him, but his mind keeps quiet because of that learning given by Krishna.

Friends, we all should accept the fact that death is an absolute truth. Denying him is foolishness, but it is wrong to be trapped in it because only you are not a suffering from that sadness.

All mankind will have to face it, accepting such a truth and moving forward is life.

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