Delhi Cantt Haunted House Real Ghost Story - Mi Short

Delhi Cantt Haunted House

Delhi Cantt Haunted House

This story belongs to a large farm house settled in Delhi Cantt of Arjun Bihar. People say that there was a graveyard before the house was built in the Arjun Vihar Colony and many bodies are still buried under those houses.

Unaware of all these things, Vinod and his family, who had just been transferred to Delhi, came to live there.

Vinod's son, Ashish, was very happy that he will have his own room in the house. Outside the window of his room was also a garden decorated with flowers.

So he was quite excited about his new home. But what did he know, that the same room would be the most horrific experience of his life in the coming months.

A few days from the beginning have elapsed comfortably. But one night Ashish sleeping, it seemed like someone was nicking his back.

He got up from the bed and saw scratches on his back in the mirror. He felt that the garden's insects would have cut it, and to check it right there he looked around but there was no worm.

Only then he look at a tree in the garden, which was not even a straw of the grass below its shadow. He found this thing very strange, but he did not pay much attention and went back to sleep.

One day Ashish's parents had gone out of work and he was alone at home. He was sitting in his room watching TV, that suddenly he heard the sound of the bowl falling in the kitchen.

When he saw it from his room, he saw a shadow coming from the kitchen to the hall. Ashish got up quickly and went out but nobody was outside.

When Ashish went back to his room, his hair stood still. He saw that a corpse was hanging on the branch of the big tree on the garden, Which disappeared when the eyelid was flowing. Ashish was very nervous after seeing this.

As soon as his parents returned, he told them everything. But, alone, Ashish would have been afraid, thinking that he did not pay much attention to that matter.

As the days passed, Ashish's health began to worsen. It was common to have a very high fever and cold chills ever since. Ashish's health was not correct even after showing the doctor.

At around 3:00 a.m., the loud voice of Binod's Door started to sound loud. When Vinod opened the door, he had his work, Mina Tai Kauddi, who lived with him in that house.

Mina Tai was quite nervous, she told that someone came in her room and tried to suppress her throat and warned her to move away from the house. Then the sound of shouting loudly come from the room of Ashish.

When all the people reached there, Ashish started shouting very loudly and began to tear himself very badly. Seeing this, his mother went ahead to take care of him and he became unconscious.

After this accident, Vinod was convinced that there is demonic soul in that house.

He called a priest in the morning and inspected the whole house. Priest told that under the room of Ashish there is a man's grave and his soul has not yet received peace.

That priest did the havan (Offering prayers to God in front of fire) the same day and locked that room. Priest clearly forbade everyone by going into that room.

Ashish slept with his parents for a few days and in a few months the family of Ashish left from there.

After leaving the house, the condition of ashish has improved considerably, but even today, when he thinks of the hanging body on the tree, his heart trembles.

Story Source - Khooni Monday ( Youtube Channel )

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