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Fruit Of Intelligence

 Fruit Of Intelligence

Its just matter of one day. An ambassador of the King of Lanka, reached the court of King Akbar.

He asked King Akbar with a new demand, saying: Erperor ! There is an intelligent, clever and brave courtier in your court. Our chef has sent me a pitcher to bring wisdom from you. Our chef has full faith in that you will endeavor to settle it in some way.

Emperor Akbar was astonished by hearing this.

He think in his mind - How is a bizarre demand, How can I manage intelligence in a  pitcher? It seems that the King of Lanka wants to make fun of us, if he succeeds in it then।....?

The emperor got the attention of Birbal, he started thinking that maybe this work should not be under the control of Birbal, but what is wrong in telling him?

When Birbal came to know the reason for the King's call, he began to smile, saying, "Oh! No worries, intelligence will be arranged, but it can take some weeks' time. Emperor Akbar agreed to Birbal and he was given some time to Birbal.

Birbal ordered his special servant in the evening that same day - "Arrange some clay pots with small mouth"

The servant immediately followed the order of Birbal.

As soon as the potter arrived, Birbal went to a pumpkin creeper with his servant and took a pitcher from his servant.

Birbal hanged the pitcher on the  pumpkin flower, after which he ordered the servant to put the rest of the pitchers in the same way on the flower of pumpkin.

After this work, Birbal ordered the servant to continue caring for these pitchers carefully and left from there.

Emperor Akbar asked him again a few days later, Birbal immediately replied - My lord! Work is just about to complete, just need two week's time, after that the whole pitcher will be filled with intellect.

Birbal went to the place of the pitchers after fifteen days and saw that the fruits of pumpkin grew as big as the pitchers, he praised the servant saying, You have done your job efficiently, i will reward you for this.

After this, Birbal called the ambassador of Lanka to the court of the King of Akbar and told him that the pitcher of intelligence was almost ready and Birbal immediately clapped.

Listening to the sound of the clap, Birbal's servant, carrying a pithcher in a big plate, was present in the court of great elegance.

Birbal picked up the pitcher and handed it over to the ambassador hands of Lanka - "Take it sir, you give it to your chef in gifts.

But one thing must be kept in mind that when it will empty, our precious utensil should be returned to us. The fruit of intellect kept in it will be effective only when there is no harm to this vessel.

On this the messenger said - Can I also see the fruit of this intellect.
Yes .. yes!  Birbal said shaking his neck.

Worried by seeing the pitcher, the messenger thought - "What really Birbal has filled the intelligence in this pitcher? If that is so, then King will be very happy. Really nobody can compete with Birbal."

As soon as the messenger took the pitcher and leave, Emperor Akbar also expressed his desire to see the pitcher and Birbal ordered a pitcher.

As soon as he peeped in the pitcher, he laughed, he said, You have presented the wonderful fruit of intelligence, it seems that by finding it, the king of Lanka will not be too late to become wise.

 Fruit Of Intelligence

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