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Number Of Blinds

Number Of Blinds - Akbar Birbal Story

One day, Badshah Akbar asked Birbal, Tell Birbal, what is the number of people in the world who can see or who is blind?

Birbal said, at this time, it is not possible for me to answer this question immediately but I believe that the number of blind people will be higher, rather than those who can see .

The emperor said - You have to prove your point, Birbal also gladly accepted the challenge of the King.

The next day, Birbal sat down with a non-woven bedstead in the market and began to knit it, two men seated beside him with paper and pens.

The crowd gathered in a little while, to see what was happening here. Everybody present there asked the same question from Birbal- Birbal What are you doing?

The two men sitting beside Birbal were going to write and ask the names of those who asked such questions.

When it came to the Emperor's ear that the Birbal was making bunks in the middle market, he also went there and asked the same question - What are you doing?

Without giving any answer, Birbal asked a man sitting beside him to write the name of Emperor Akbar, only then the emperor took the wrap of a paper in the hands of that man. When Akbar saw that paper, it was wrote in it "List of blind people"

The King asked Birbal, why is my name written in it? Birbal said, 'My lord, you saw that I am making a bunk, yet you asked the question- what am I doing.

The emperor saw that there was not a single name in the list of those people who could see, but the list of blind people was very heavy.

Birbal said to Akbar, "My lord, now you have to believe that the number of blind people in the world is more than the number of people who is able to see.

On this cleverness of Birbal, the king smiled slowly.

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