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Sad Stories:

Sad stories

Do you also like to read Sad Stories? If your answer is yes then today's post is for you. Because in today's post we have brought sad stories that touch your heart, which will make your heart emotional.

Below are the names of 5 sad stories that you will read in this post

1. Ruthless Son.
2. Are Parents Are Burden?
3. Humanity.
4. Story Of Old Father.
5. Story Of Shravan Kumar.

5 Sad Stories That will Touch  Your Heart

1. Ruthless Son (Sad Stories)

Sad Stories:

In the winter season, an old lady was shivering from the cold in the corner of her house. Her husband was died in young and there was a little son in the house.

For that son's bright future, that mother used to worked in people's home. While working, she used to tired, but still she did not rest and always remembered one thing, that on the day when the son will be able to earn, she will rest on that day.

As the days passed, the mother has growing old. The son also got a good job and after some time he got married. Now the old mother was very happy because her biggest dream of life is gradually being fulfilled.

Her son was earn good money. Now the son will fulfill her every desire but the son and daughter-in-law have no time to talk to the old mother.

The only difference was that in the life of the mother, before she used to clean the jute utensils of outsiders and now she clears her son and daughter-in-law.

First she used to clean the clothes of the other people and now she cleans the clothes of her son and daughter-in-law. But still happy, Because the son was her own.

The winter season had come. In the out-of-the-room room, on a small torn old blanket on the bunker, she lying down and thinking, that the son will come then I will tell him that your mother feels cold, bring a new blanket for your mother. When the son came home, mother said to her son, 'Son, cold has came.

I feel very cold, But the matter is not about to cold, I have grown old and there is no strength in the body. In the bursting blanket  seems very cold, bring a blanket for me.

The son said in anger, 'Mother, this time, in the ration of the house, a lot of money has spent in the Admission of children and electricity bill. There are some money left for the children's sweater and for bringing your daughter-in-law shawl.

You will stay in the house, you can bear it, but we have to go out to earn. Just only wait for 1 month, in the next month i will bring a new blanket. After listening to the matter of his son, the mother went away in the corner of the room and worn a torn blanket and sleep.

The next morning, the mother was not in this world. Mother died due to the cold.The son reported to all that the mother was no longer in this world. All relatives, neighbors and friends gathered together. The son left no shortage of his mother's last rites.

He spent a lot of money in his mother last rites. The whole world was watching the funeral and saying that we wish we could get such a son in every birth. But they do not know that even after death his mother was shivering from the cold. Just for a blanket.

Friends, if your parents are with you then you are very fortunate. It is your first duty to serve your parents. Parents life passes in making son's life. Therefore, never grieve your parents. Parents are heaven for children.  (1. Sad Stories)

2. Are Parents Are Burden?

Sad Stories:

I was going to village with my sister. My elder brother was about to get married and so we both came to buy pieces of clothes in a market away from the villages.

Both of us thought that we should go home from the train instead of a bus. Because we can reach home early by train. So we were waiting for the train. We both were very happy and were planing for marriage.

Somewhere I saw a woman sitting beside the station. She was looking very old. Seeing her in the station, I did not feel anything good. Many people were making fun of this old lady by calling her mad.But the old lady is not saying anything to anyone.

I am very sad to see how people are behaving like this with a helpless old woman. I went to her and started asking that what she is doing there. But she did not say anything and looked at me and started crying.

I did not know what happened to her, but it understood that the tears coming out of her eyes are telling the sadness of her heart. Seeing tears coming out of her eyes, my heart became emotional.

My mind was not willing to leave her alone in any way and I just wanted to see a smile on his face. I asked in the shops around, "how long this woman is standing here." They said that this woman is waiting for someone sitting here on the same spot from yesterday.

I went to her and asked, Mother, Have you waiting for someone to come. She said that "I am waiting for my son. I am going to be with him in the city. But I'm waiting for him since yesterday but he has not come yet." Saying this she started crying.

Then i understand what her son had done with her. Many questions were raised in my mind that, Why are people born in the world who can not care for their parents?

Parents who spend their entire life in the upbringing of their children, When the same kids grow up, why they start to feel their parents as their burdens.

Before we going to house, we droped her in an old age house where she live with happiness and every sunday, me and my sister go to the old age house to meet her. Even today she still cryied for her son, but after seeing both of us, her sorrow transform into happiness.  (2. Sad Stories)

- Biprojit Deb

3. Humanity

Sad Stories:

One day in a road accident, a dog's leg bone broke. Because of his leg break, he could not walk properly. There was cold weather, so there was more pain in his feet.

Due to the breakdown of the leg, he could not even take good care of himself, and due to cold in the night the pain would be even more. Now insects were eating his feet meat slowly slowly.

Due to lack of food, his body became even more vulnerable. Somehow he spent the night, and in the next morning, he started walking towards the bus stop with his injured leg.

There were many people in the bus stop, someone was waiting for the bus to take their child to school, and someone was waiting for  bus to go to their office.

There was a shop away from the shop where people were eating things of their choice. That dog was looking at everyone that if someone gave him something to eat then he could eat something. Water was also coming out of his eyes, because of hunger, he could not even bark.

Many peoples were hitting that dog with sticks and many people were throwing hot tea over that dog. The people gathered around them and were oppressing the dog that. It seemed that the dog had made a mistake by coming to the bus stop.

Nearby A beggar was watching all of this. Seeing that dog was like this, his eyes came tear. He immediately took that dog in his arms and went away from there.

He took out a bread from his bag and gave it to the dog for eat. After getting that bread, tears come out from that dog's eyes, and he started licking the cheeks of that crazy man.

Who is human?That crazy man who showed mercy on that dog, or those people who could not give food that dog and  torturing him. (3. Sad Stories)

- Biprojit Deb

4. Story Of Old Father

Sad Stories:

In a village, an old man lived with his son and daughter-in-law. The family was happy, there was no problem of any kind. Old father who was a good young man at some time.

Today, he has become weak because of old age. Now the sticks have to be used to walk and his face is filled with wrinkles, just living his life somehow.

One thing at home was good that the whole family used to sit together at the table while eating the evening. On one such evening, all the people sat down to eat.

Son came from the office, hungry was more, so soon he sat down to eat and together his father, daughter-in-law and a son would also be eating.

As the old man stood up to lift the plate, the plate was sprayed from the hand and the some lentils fell on the table. The daughter-in-law and the son looked at the father with hatred and again started eating food.

As soon as the old father began to eat food with his shaking hands, then the food would ever fall on the clothes and sometimes on the ground. The daughter-in-law said irritatingly, 'O God, how dirty you eat?'

My mind do that his plate has to put in a different corner. Son also shakes his head like he agreed with the talk of the wife. The grandson was looking at all this innocence.

The next day the father's plate was removed from that table and placed in a corner. The father's tearful eyes were not able to say anything while looking at everything.

The old father began to eat like a daily meal, the food would ever fall here and there. The little child (grandson) was leaving his food and was constantly looking at his grandfather.

Mother asked what happened son? What are you looking at grandpa and why you are not eating?

The child spoke with great innocence  mother, I am learning how to behave with the elderly, when I grow up and you become old then I will also feed you in the corner like this.

Both son and daughter-in-law were shivering as soon as they heard from the child's mouth, perhaps the matter of the child had settled in their mind. Because the child gave a very detailed lesson to both the people with innocence.

The son quickly proceeded to pick up the father and seated him back on the table to eat and the daughter-in-law also ran away and brought a glass of water that Dad had no problem.

So friends, parents are the biggest capital of this world. How much you can earn in the society or how much money you get in the society, but there is no one in this world bigger than the parents. (4.  Sad Stories)

5. Story Of Shravan Kumar

Sad Stories:

Friends, this is a true legendary story. Shravan Kumar was a boy whose parents were blind, they did not see anything. The parents had raised their son with great tribulation. As the son grew up, he started helping his parents. Now she used to stay in the service of her parents all day long.

Days passed, Shravan Kumar got married, but his wife did not serve his parents, his behavior was not good at all. When Shravan Kumar came to know about this, he scolded his wife, then the wife left his house.

Now Shravan Kumar serves his parents as before. He did not let them suffer any problems. One day, Shravan Kumar asked his parents 'If there is any desire in their mind then tell him'. On this, his parents expressed their desire to travel to pilgrimage places from his son.

After hearing his parents' last wish, Sarvan Kumar decided to take them to the pilgrimage. In the olden times, people used to travel far and wide by horse carriage and walking. In this way, Shravan Kumar took two large baskets and tied the two baskets on both sides of a sticks.

In this way Shravan Kumar placed his mother in a basket and sat on his father in the second basket and took out the poles on his shoulder and regardless of the difficult long journey, he left for pilgrimage with his parents.

During the visit, Shravan Kumar's parents got very thirsty and he asked to bring water from Shravan Kumar. Shravan took a pot and walked towards the water, there was a pond in the jungle, which had cool water.

At that time, King Dashrath came to the hunt in the forest, which was a good shooter. On the other hand, as soon as Shravan Kumar dipped his pot into the water of the lake, listening to its voice, King Dasharath felt like there is an animal in the water, thinking that he left the arrow and that arrow went straight to Shravan Kumar and pricked his body.

As soon as King Dasharath arrived, Shravan Kumar was in a critical condition near the lake. After seeing him, he felt a great sadness. At dying, Sharaban told Dashrath that in the nearby forest, his thirsty parents are waiting for him. You please go and drank them water. Saying so shravan kumar  died.

After doing such a big crime, Dasharath was not daring to go to his parents. Somehow, by taking courage, he take water and walk towards them.On hearing the King's sound, the parents asked who you are? You do not look like Shravan Kumar, where is our son?

King Dasharath, with a very sad heart, told the parents about all the incident and they started crying loudly and left their life in the grief of the son's.

But before dying, they cursed King Dasaratha, the way we were sacrificing our life with the sorrow of the separation of our son, so one day it will come that you too will give up your life with the sorrow of separation from your son.  (5. Sad Stories)

Sad Stories

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