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Stories to Read: 

Stories to Read:

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5 stories ( Stories to Read ) that you will Read in this post:

1. Difference of Thinking
2. A Big Opportunity is Hidden in Every Challenge
3. Searching of Happiness
4. Behavior
5. Positive Thinking

1. Difference of Thinking

Stories to Read :

A wealthy man lived in a city, he had a lot of money and he was very proud of it. Once for some reason his eyes got infected.

His eyes kept irritation all the time. He went to the doctor, but the doctor could not cure him of this disease. He had a lot of money and so he called a number of well-known doctors from the country and a well-known doctor told him that there is an allergy in your eyes.

You only have to see green color for a few days and if you see any other color, then your eyes will have trouble.

Now what was that, that wealthy man called big painters and ordered to paint the whole palace with green color. He said - I should not see any color other than green color. Wherever I go, there must be green colour on all sides.

A lot of money was spending in this work, but still his eyes would fall on a different colors. It was not possible to paint the entire town as green colour, that wealthy man was spending lot of money on day to day paint.

There was a gentleman of the city passing on. He saw the green color around him and asked the reason for the people.

After listening to all the things he went to that wealthy man and said, 'You do not need to spend so much money. I have a small solution for your problem. Why do not you buy green glasses and then everything will be green.

After hearing this his eyes opened. He did not have this great idea in his mind, he was spending so much money in vain.

Moral: In life, many things depend on our thinking and viewpoint. Many times the solution of trouble is very easy, but we are stuck in trouble. And that is why we begin to think our problem is big, but actually solution is easy.

2. A Big Opportunity is Hidden in Every Challenge

Stories to Read :

It is very old that there was a king in any state. King once wanted to test the people of his state. One day he went in the morning and kept a big stone on the way. Now, whoever passes through the road they was having a big problem. But no one was trying to remove the stone.

King was secretly watching all this. After sometime his state's ministers and other big and wealthy people came there too. But no one tried to remove the stone. Rather, all the people were giving abuse to the king that there is such a big stone on the way and why the king does not remove it.

After a while, there was a poor farmer who had kept a large vegetable bundle on his head. When he passed through near the stone, he was having trouble due to weight, he lowered the bundle of vegetables and started to move the stone with full force. That stone was very big.

But the farmer did not give up and in a few minutes he removed the stone from the way and he started walking from there, then he saw a bag lying on a rock place, which the king had hidden under the stone.

When the farmer opened the bag, There were 1000 coins of gold and a letter that wrote- "Reward from the king to the remover of the stone."

Friends, every kind of trouble coming in life like this also brings a good opportunity. People who think negatively, can not understand it and lose opportunities while the people of good thinking accept the challenge and take advantage of the opportunity.

3. Searching of Happiness

Stories to Read :

There was a wealthy man in a city. He had a lot of money, but he was always unhappy even though he was so rich.

One day he was very upset and he went to a monk and as soon as he reached the monk, he told all his problems to that monk. The monk heard the story of that wealthy man and told him to come to him tomorrow.

Listening to this, wealthy man became very happy and went home. The next day he went to that monk and saw that the monk was busy finding something on the road.

He asked the monk, Guru ji what are you looking for? The monk said "My hand ring has fallen and I'm looking for that ring, but I can not find a ring."

Now the wealthy man also searching that ring. When the ring was not find for a long time, he finally asked the monk, Where is your ring fallen". The monk replied, "My ring fell in that cottage. There was a lot of darknes, so I'm looking for here.

That man was shocked to hear that monk. He said to the monk, my lord, if your ring has fallen in a cottage, then why are you looking for here? The monk said, "It is your tomorrow's question." Joy is hidden in the mind and you are trying to find it in wealth. This is the reason for your problem. You try to find everything in wealth.

Moral: Many times the person becomes so busy in making money that he forgets his happiness.

4. Behavior

Stories to Read :

There was a businessman whose business was running very well. Because of his wealth, his mind was filled with arrogance. He started behaving badly with everyone, he did not even talk to anyone properly.

Similarly, seeing the merchant, his family too came under the guise of arrogance and bad behavior. Now his family also got used to bad behavior with others. In the same way, when everyone's pride started to collide with each other, then the atmosphere of the house became absolutely bad.

Seeing the bad environment of the house, the trader went to a Saint and told him, 'O Lord, save me from this hell, I want to get rid of this trouble by staying in your shelter.

The Saint said with great humility: A man should avoid doing bad behavior. The kind of behavior you expect from others, you should behave in the same way to others.

By doing this your house will also become a temple. After that the businessman went to his house and adopted the words of that Saint, and soon the environment of his house changed. Now all of them started living with love.

Moral : The way you behave with others, you will get the right kind of behavior from others.

5. Positive Thinking

Stories To Read:

There were two disciples of a sage, one of who was a positive thinker, he always thought of the good of others. And the other kept thinking very negative and was also very angry with nature. One day sage took them to the jungle to take the examinations of his two disciples.

There was a mango tree in the forest on which many sour and sweet mangoes were hanging. The sage looked towards the tree and told the disciples to look carefully at this tree. Then he first asked the disciple what you see.

The disciple said that these trees are very polite. People stone it, yet it gives fruit without saying anything. Similarly, a person should also be there. No matter how much trouble, they should not leave the feeling of humility and sacrifice.

Then he asked the other disciple what you see, he became angry and said that this tree is very cunning. This tree gives fruit only when someone throw stone towards it. It has to be killed to take fruit from it.

The master laughed when he heard him, he praised the first disciple and adviced the other disciple to learn from him.

Moral: Negative thinking places a very profound effect on our lives. People of negative thinking find evil only in good things.

Stories to Read

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