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The Success Story Of Ernest Hemingway

The Success Story Of Ernest Hemingway.

Writer Ernest Hemingway was very playful in his childhood. He was eager to read and write, and God gave him incredible imagination power.

Once, his teacher asked all the students to write a story. One month's time to write the story was given. Hemingway thought what a month was needed to write a story. Writing a story is only a half-hour job.

Genius Hemingway playing well in the jump. The days were passing. His sister repeatedly reminded him to write a story, but every time he said, writing the story is half an hour's work. I will write.

Hemingway's sister reminded him to write a story once again on the last night of the story submission, but Hemingway was sleeping. He said that the story will write in the morning.

He got up in the morning and began to write the story in the flutter, somehow he wrote the story, but he was not satisfied with the story written by him. He seemed to need to improve languages ​​and sources in many places in the story.

But now the time was so short that he could not make any improvement in the story even after wanting. In the end, he has brought the story to the teacher without any improvement in the story. As it was supposed to be, the award got another student.

When Hemingwe returned home disappointed, his sister told him, 'You are depriving the prize because of the habit of disposing any work in the last minute.
Make this failure a staircase of your success and make a habit of doing all the work on rule and time.

Thus Hemingway made her sister's advice his ideal. After this learning he achieved many successes. Today the whole world knows him as a great litterateur.

Moral: That person can succeed in his life, who does his job on time.

The Success Story Of Ernest Hemingway.

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