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Good Stories:

Good Stories:

Whatever we learn from the stories we always remember in our mind. From childhood to old youth, and from youth to old age, the intrest of reading stories has in the mind of every person.

And today, to increase your intrest, we shared some good stories and intresting stories that you would love very much.

Here are names of 5 Good stories that motivate us to do good things and think good always.

1. Friend Reply
2. Where is God
3. The Biggest Knowledge
4. Everything Is In Your Hands
5. Biggest Wealth

5 Good Stories That Teach Us Many Things

1. Friend Reply

Good Stories

Two friends were going to the city through the rugged terrain, due to the heat being too much, they stopped in the middle and started resting under the tree. They had some things to eat. When they were hungry in the afternoon, both of them thought of eating and sat in one place.

After a while they started the journey again. Due to quarrel, they were moving forward without talking to each other, Only then a friend started shouting loudly. He was accidentally trapped in the swamp. Then the other friend, who slapped him, he came fast and helped him and drove him away from the swamp.

This time even those friend did not say anything, he just picked a pointed stone and started writing on a huge foot stem "Today my best friend saved my life."

Seeing him doing this, another friend did not stop himself and asked, "When I hit you with stone, you wrote on the soil and when I saved your life, what are you writing by scraping on the tree's trunk, why?"

When someone hurts us, then we should not have to sit it inside us. So that the forgiving winds, like this soil, take that trouble blows up of our consciousness. But when someone does something good for us, we should sit it in our heart so deeply that it can never erase from our Mind -  Friend Reply. --- And that's the morality of this story.

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2. Where is God

Good Stories

As always, a man went to haircut at his hairdresser's shop. While cutting hair, he used to talk about country and world. Even today, he was talking about cinema, politics and sports and so on that suddenly he started talking about God's existence. The barber said, 'Look, brother, like you I do not believe in God's existence.

Why do you say that? Man said.

Hey, it's very easy to understand. Just go to the street and you will understand that God is not. You tell me that if God was there, would so many people get sick? So many children are orphans? If God were there, then no pain is experienced to anyone. Barber continued to say, 'I can not think of such a God who let all these things happen. You tell me where is God.

Man thought for a while, but he remained silent. Barber finished his work and the man got out of the shop thinking something, and stood some distance away. After waiting a while, he had seen a person with a long bearded coming towards him.

He would have seen it as if he had not been washed for so many days. The man immediately went back to the barber shop and said, 'Do you know that there is no hairdresser in this world.

How is brother not? I stand in front of you.

No - The man said

There is no hairdressers, If a haridresser were there, then no man's beard would be in this world. But look at that man, how long the beard of that man is.

Oh no brother, hairdresser is there. But many people do not come to us - Hairdresser Said

Absolutely right - the man stopping the barber, and said, this is the point. God is also there. But people do not go near him or try to find him, that is why there is so much suffering in the world.

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3. The Biggest Knowledge

Good Stories

The head of the monkey was sitting on a large tree cast with his children. Baby monkey said I'm hungry, can you give me some leaves to eat?

The monkey smiled, I can give it, but it would be nice that you break the leaves for yourself.

But I do not recognize the good leaves.- Monkey child said.

Head Monkey said -  You have a choice. Look at this tree, if you want, you can choose old curry leaves from the bottom branches, or you can eat fresh leaves by breaking up fresh leaves on top of the tree.

The child said it is not right. Why this good leaf can not grow below, so that everyone can eat easily.

This is the reason that if it becomes accessible to everyone, then its importance would be not remain? Before they could grow, they would have been eaten. -Monkey explained.

But climbing up these thin branch can be dangerous. The branch of that tree can break, my foot can be slips, I can get hurt by falling down - the child has expressed his concern.

Monkey said 'Listen son, always remember one thing, we make a picture of danger in our mind. Often the danger is less than that, as we think.

But if so, why does not every monkey break the fresh leaves of those branches? The child asked

Monkey said, because most monkeys have been used to being scared of fear. They eat rotten leaves and complain about them. But they do not try to get fresh leaves by taking risks. Which they really want to achieve. But you did not do this, this forest is full of all possibilities. Win your fear and live your life that you really want to live in.

Moral: No work is difficult in the world. If we think that we can do it, then no one can stop us.

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4. Everything Is In Your Hands 

Good Stories

A man passing through the desert, he was thinking his mind, "How much worthless place it is, there is no greenery at all. How else can it be, there is not even a drop of water here.

His temper was growing as he was moving in the sultry sand. In the end, he looked at the sky and said, 'Why do not you give water here? If this was water then anyone could grow the plant here, and then how beautiful would it be to this place.

By saying this, he kept looking at the sky as if he is waiting for God's answer, then there is a miracle. Only a well is seen in front of him.

He was travaling from this area for years, but till date, he did not see any well there. He fell in surprise and ran to the well. The well was full of water. He once again looked towards the sky and said thanks for water, the water is fine, but there should be some way to remove water from the well.

Then he saw a rope and bucket lying next to the well. Once again, he did not believe in his eyes. He looked at the sky with some nervousness and said, from whom support i can carry this water. Then he realized that someone was touching him from behind, he turned around and saw a camel standing in front of him.

Now that man was very nervous, he started feeling scared that he would not be trapped in the work of bringing greenery in the desert. and this time he starts moving ahead without looking at the sky, only then a piece of paper comes and sticks to him.

It was written on that piece, I gave you a bucket of water and a way to take out water from well. Now you have everything that you want to make the desert green. Now everything is in your hands. Man stoped for a moment and the next moment he went on and the desert never became green.

Moral: Some people want to improve society and the country. But when the responsibility comes over them, then they does not take that responsibility. If everyone takes responsibility to improve the society, then nobody can stop this society to make it beautiful.

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5. Biggest Wealth

Good Stories

Once a king went hunting to dense forest. After some time the sky was clouded and torrential rains began. The sun had gone down and slowly started to darken.

In the darkness the king forgot the way of his palace and got separated from his soldier. Disturbed by hunger thirst and exhaustion, the king sat on a mound on the edge of the forest. After sometimes, the king saw three boys. The three boys were good friends and they were going to the village.

Listen kids, just come here. The king summoned them. When the child came to the king, the king asked him - Can I get some food and water from anywhere? I am very thirsty and hungry too.

The child answered. Of course We go home and bring something right now. The three boys ran to the village and brought some food for the king. The king was very pleased with the enthusiasm and love of the children.

King said - dear children. What do you want to do in your life? I want to help you all.

After thinking for a while, a child said - I need money. My parents are so poor. I have never eaten well. Never wear beautiful cloths. That's why I only need money. The King smiled - Ok. I will give you so much wealth that you will be happy throughout the life. The baby was very happy listening to the king.

The second child enthusiastically asked- Can you give me a big palace and horse carriage? The king said - If you want this, then your desire will also be fulfilled.

The third child said - I do not want money or the carriage. Give me such a blessing from which I can become a scholar and after finishing my education, I can serve my country.

The king was very impressed by the wish of the child, he arranged for him good education. He was a hard-working child.That is why he studied hard and became a great scholar and when the time came, the king appointed him in the state of his state.

One day suddenly, the king remembered the incident that happened years ago. He said to the minister, 'A few years ago there were two small children with you, where they are? what are they doing now? I want you to meet all three together once again, so invite your two friends on food tomorrow.

The minister sent a message to both of them and the next day all were present in front of the king.

Today I am very happy to see the three together again. Tell me how are you both - King said, keeping the hand on the shoulder of the minister.

The boy who had asked for money from the king, being sad and said, My lord I made a big mistake by asking for money from you that day. By getting so much money, I became lazy and spent a lot of money in worthless things and even a lot of my money was stolen.Today I came back in the same situation where you saw me before.

The boy who had asked for a cart and a bungalow from the king, he cried and said," I lived in my bungalow with great comfort. But in a flood a few years ago, everything was ruined and I also reached my previous situation."

Wealth does not always remain with us and knowledge of life comes from human life and no one can steal it. Education makes a man a scholar and a big man, so education is the biggest wealth.

MoralKnowledge is the biggest wealth.

Good Stories

                        Good Stories

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