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A Brave Man

Gradually the number of people on the earth began to grow. But many of them used to do bad things. But a man was the most different of them. His name was Enoch, Enoch was a brave man and did not do anything bad. He believed in God.

Do you know why people at that time used such bad things? Remember, who told Adam and Eve not to listen to God? Who told them to eat that fruit, which was forbidden by God? Yes, he was no other but a bad angel. In the Bible he is called Satan. He wants to make everyone like him bad.

One day, Jehovah God told Enoch that he would tell all the people a thing. Maybe nobody likes that thing. Do you know what that was? That is, 'God is going to destroy all bad people.' The people's face must have turned red with anger.

They might have also tried to kill Enoch. Imagine that at that time, how Enoch had worked so bravely to deliver the message of God to all the people.

God did not allow Enoch to spend more time among those bad people. Enoch lived only 365 years. Because people of that time were more powerful than the people of today and their age was very long. As such, some people lived for 800 or 900 years. Son of Enoch, Methuselah lived for 969 years.

After Enoch's death, people started doing even worse things. The Bible says that 'they always used to think bad things' and 'the earth was crushed all around.'

Do you know what was the reason for this evil rise? It is that Satan was trying to deceive people to do bad things in a new way.

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