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Worthless Knowledge

Moral story

A businessman was going to start a new business but due to lack of financial strength he needed a shareholder. In a few days, he found an unknown man and he agreed to become stockholder. The trader was not aware of anything about him, so he was afraid to make him shareholder first. But after a few inquiries, he started thinking about that man.

After two days passed, the businessman met with his close friend, who was a very knowledgeable man. When there is a conversation between them, the trader told his friend about that man. His friend already knew that, that man who was a very deceptive man. He pretends to be a business partner in business with people, and then cheats on them.

Because his friend was a wise man, he thought that he should not condemn others and told his friends - "He is a person who will easily win your trust" after hearing this, the trader made that person his sharer. Both worked hard for a long time and later when they got profit in business then he ran away with the money.

On this, the businessman was very sad, he met his friend and told him the whole thing and he was very angry, on this his friend said, "I am the knower of a scripture How can i condemn?" The businessman said - Wow friends! Due to your knowledge, today I have nothing left.

Moral: If someone is harmed by your knowledge then there is no value of that knowledge.

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