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What Is The Purpose Of Mi Short Stories Website

Our purpose is to share those stories with you that we miss a lot nowadays. Because in our childhood our parents or our Grandfather also told us many stories. 

But there is no such thing as before in this changing phase of today. But do not need to be worry about this.

Because, to reach all those stories, we have created the Mi Short Stories website, through which you can read many stories and share it with your friends.

Our hope is that you have continued to support us so that our morale was growing and we continue to bring good stories for you.

For our Visitor

If you have heard any story in your life or you know, then definitely tell us. 

And if you have a story that you want to share with everyone in our website, then you must definitely contact us.

Thank You

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  1. kindly edit the words that are specified to a group of people. I read the story 'How to fill water in a sieve' and found the words like *Guru ji only to associate the writer to be Indian.
    Not every one is fan of Indian culture and philosophy.

  2. Thank you for your valuable suggestions. Soon I will correct that word according to your suggestion..